January 02, 2017

The Hourglass Figure

Hourglass or not?

First of all i wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!
It’s time to create new things, thoughts and take actions, don’t you think?
So why not talk about the hourglass figure which is so famous cause of it’s sex appeal.

How can you define you have the hourglass figure? Well continue reading and find out.
I never thought i would say this, but as a photographer i think the hourglass figure is really important for women. It shapes your body in a sexy way that no-one can resist. Hello men! "Watch, but do not touch". Unless you want them to :D

In Pinup it’s all about the shape, curves and tease. Moving in a way that men start to become in a trance dreaming about their wives looking like that :-)
And it’s not all about the sizes, it’s about knowing your body and how you move.

Well with some tricks you can become that “men's” dream!
First define which measurements you have and compare to the charts below.

REMEMBER >> “The perfect curve also impacts on other females creating mixed responses of both respect and jealousy.”

The research also shows that 72 percent of men are attracted to curvier women while 63 percent of women would prefer to look like curvier celebreties such as Kate Winslet than slimmer stars.

Below is the formula for calculating your curves:

Hip-waist ratio
Divide the circumference of your waist by that of your hips. Look up the value nearest to yours on the list below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.
0.7 – 5
0.65 or 0.75 – 4
0.6 or 0.8 – 3
0.55 or 0.95 – 2
Less than 0.5 or more than 1.00 – 1

Thigh-height ratio
Measure your thigh at its largest point and divide this by your height. Look up the value nearest to yours on the list below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.
0.28 to 0.3 – 5
0.27 or 0.31 – 4
0.32 to 0.35 – 3
0.36 to 0.38 – 2
More than 0.38 or less than 0.27 – 1

Bust band difference
Measure the circumference directly below your bust then subtract this from the loosely measured girth at the widest point of the bust. Look up the value nearest to yours on the list below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.
5 or 6 (DD-E) – 5
4 or 7 (D or F) – 4
3 or 9 (C or G) – 3
2 or 11 (B or H) – 2
Less than 1 or more than 12 – 1

Prototypical Symmetry
Estimate the nearest description to your prototypical symmetry below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.
No face or body asymmetries or distinctions – 5
Minor facial distinctions – 4
Minor body and face distinctions – 3
Notable body and face distinctions – 2
Very individual character and appearance – 1

Individual curve
Estimate the nearest description to the line of your own body curve below and use the corresponding score in the final formula.
You have smooth unbroken curves rounded at every point on your body without a straight line in sight – 5
Your trunk bust and thighs curve into each other smoothly – 4
Your waist/hips or bust/waist lack concave curves – 3
Your waist/hips and bust/waist lack any concave curves – 2
You are mostly straight lines and bulges – 1

To calculate your perfect curve score
Add the scores for your bust size and thigh-height ratio to those for your hip-waist ratio, then multiply the sum by the score for body curve line and finally add the score for body symmetry. (BBD+THR+HWR) xBCL)+BS

Your perfect curve score
You are perfectly curved: 70-80
You share your scores with many attractive celebrities: 50-69
You will be noticed at events for your appearance: 40-49
You have a balance of shape and individuality: 30-39
You may wish to alter your appearance with modern clothing: 20-29
Try using enhancing clothing and reflect on your lifestyle if you want to change your appearance: 10-19
You are a true individual: 4-9
The research was conducted for the launch of Asda’s new ‘Tummy Tamer’ dress and skirt, designed to hide and sculpt excess flab and help women cheat their way to an hourglass shape.

Read more:  http://www.sarahness.net/perfect-hourglass-figure-formula/581/#ixzz4UcFRgXbI





1. Know your body! Know how to move to get that curved shape >> even though when you do not have the hourglass. Nothing is impossible!

2. Wear a corset. it will define your shape, also under a dress.

3. Go to the gym or do some special exercises for your stomach muscles or go swimming.

4. Horse riding is the perfect Hourglass shaper!

5. Beware what you eat, some food really get’s your belly tumble.

6. Balance your bust : Tops and dresses should nip in at the waist without adding bulk to your bust. Extra bulk on your bust will throw your proportions out of sync.

7. Look for snugged tailored pieces with nipping in slightly at the waist.

8. Look for belted jackets, Trench style coats or other fits that draw attention to the waist.

9. Short jackets that stop just above your hips accentuate your curves in a flattering way.

10. Go for soft fabrics like knits and silk blends. These materials gently drape over your natural curves. Avoid stiff fabrics, they making you look boxy.

11. Avoid volume enhancing details. Stay way from ruffles, bows and other dimensional details that add volume. If placed at the bust, these details may make you look top heavy. If placed at the waist, they detract from your waist’s natural narrowness.

12. Stick with solid colors. They flatter your figure best. You can color block by having contrasting shades above your waist and below your waist.

13. Opt for classic skirt cuts. A-Line and pencil skirts are universally flattering. They work well for hourglass figures because they hug your curves and keep things streamlined.

14. Wear push up and padded bras. A perfectly sized bra will work wonders for your confidence. and that’s before you include any push up or padding features. Don’t wear the wrong size, you may not have 4 boobs, but only 2!
Go to the lingerie department and get that perfect bra.

15. Wear high heels. Nothing can compete with high heels. They make the legs appear longer and more tones while also lifting the butt. They improve posture and allow women to stand up tall and be confident, while also providing a sexy wiggle while you walk. For ultimate bombshell factor, aim to wear heels of at least three inches!

Well i hope you learned something today and if you have any more questions, 
please feel free to ask them below.

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