August 04, 2015

Some Pin Up Classes

Guidelines for Pin Up shootings
"The 13 Golden tips by Damona Art"

Well hello there,

I’m writing this post as a guideline to be a Pin Up model. As a Pin Up Photographer i think it’s important to guide your models through the shoot and it also makes the shoot going more fluidly and not a struggle the whole time to get the pictures we want. That’s why i write this post. To help you to be on your best.

Of course i do have my own ideas, but working with models who already know how they look good and give me that power and self-confidence i need in the photos, makes the shoot simply amazing! The photos will only get better by doing the following tips.

1. Its very important to work with expressions which will make the look versatile and exciting for the whole set. That’s why it’s very important to know your vowels.

A , E , I,  O , U (OEH pronounced). 

Go in front of the mirror and practice those vowels. Don’t be shy and practice them every day. open your mouth and let your face change into natural expressions, do not over exagurate. No-one forgets a face. Your face is what makes you’YOU’, a unique combination of 21 muscles of facial expression that display your joy, sorrow, happiness, surprise and unfortunately age.
Like any muscle group in the human body ; facial muscles need to be exercised. But unlike the rest of your body, where muscles are attached to the bone, facial muscles are attached to overlaying skin ; so when they start to deteriorate and wast they are no longer be able to support the skin - causing your face to sag and lose volume.
By stimulating these delicate muscles you can rebuild the youthful shape of your face - preventing sag, wrinkles and lines that inevitable come with wasting muscle tone.
So, you’s also good to look younger again :D
Feel what these expressions do to you and you will see your face and body change into something Pinup fun like. you can just say A, or you can say Aaaaaaa and be surprised. Or you can say Aaaa and be interested. Say E and look scared or E and be surprised as well. So you see, you can even have several expressions with 1 vowel. Practice on that and discover some new looks for you which you can use in your next shooting then.

Cherry Bee Pin Up Brussels

Rina Bambina

2. The same with the body. Practice in front of the mirror. Not every girl suits good with the same pose. Find out what makes you elegant. Really, it’s the best way to learn. Cause you will see it in Photographers view and finally you will see it yourself, cause when you post in front of a camera, you simply don’t see yourself (you can always search for a mirror to place with the photographer, so you see yourself posing). The reflection in the mirror is always different when you pose with your back to it. Think about that too.


Perfect practice in front of the mirror

3. Put on some MUSIC baby! Use your surrounding. When there is music playing, use it! Get that vibe and swing around. it will only make your look better. Ask the photographer to play some music in the studio, when there is not. Say it’s important for you. You will transform, be relaxed and be in your own world. He or she will say that you are Brilliant ;)


4. Preparation is the most important thing (i always say). Prepare your things beforehand, not the day itself. Write it all down what to bring, so you don’t forget anything. 
Small detail, but so important! Just to re-enforce. Pin Up = Glamour....all the time!
Well manicured fingernails create a more professional and polished look. traditionally 1940’s nails featured deep red shades with crescent moons the the cuticle (kind of the opposite of a french manicure). I like the plain deep red nails myself from the 50’s. Much easier to do also. Don’t forget to pedicure your feet and paint your toenails to match.

Photo by Cherry Bee Pin Up Brussels

Dita Von Teese nails

5. Have a good night sleep. Don’t go out or drink alcohol the day before the shooting. It will only make you look tired on the pictures and the shoot will be too tiring for you too. Not only that.....You will not have any inspiration to pose, cause your mind will be sleepy and maybe you will feel dehydrated with having a headache and then having the result that you won’t get any good photos.

6. Eat lightly the day of the shooting. Drink plenty of water some days before the shooting. it will not only give you that glowing flawless skin, it will make your body slim too by flatten the belly and your face will glow. Drinking a smoothie is also a good idea for breakfast :)

7. Prepare yourself for outdoor shooting in any season. it means that you take care of yourself that you will not get sunburned, freezing in winter or get wet etc.....You will not only lower down your mood, but the shooting can be a complete fail when you don’t feel good or excited anymore.
No-one can do anything about the weather. You can only make the best of it, together with the Photographer in question.


8. General tip not only for pinups. Meet your photographer before the shoot when you can. Then you can already talk and get to know each other. Talk about the upcoming shooting, so you can be prepared for what is about to come. Drink a coffee and chat away.
When you have any questions, ask them. Ask phone numbers, details of the shooting, address of location etc.......

Feel the connection to collaborate :)

9. Want to get the real Pin Up look? Dress like a pinup as often as possible. True Pinup models do not just stop being sexy after a photoshoot. It’s important to always convey beauty and glamour. You can purchase Vintage clothing online, second hand and shops are great + some famous Vintage brands as Stop Staring, Collective Clothing, Hellbunny, Miss candyfloss for the curvy woman,  Bettie Page, Pinup girl Clothing in the us, Voodoo Vixen, What katie Did lingerie, Miss L Fire shoes and many more. Find stores who sell these brands. Try it on for the first time or take a good look at the sizes they provide. Once you know your size, it’s easier to order online. But be careful ; A size 10 is not with everyone a size 10. Check always the size chart.
Invest in some quality costuming for your photos (but don’t go to the Carneval shop, that’s just so fake!). You can search through artists such as Alberto Vargas or Gil Elvgren for some ideas. Some of the most popular images where found around WWII and featured women dressed as Sailors, nurses and in army uniforms. Make your own or purchase them online. Check out some of the clothes of the famous Pin Ups have used for their photoshoots. Maybe you can steal some of their ideas or know where to buy them too. But never steal another girls shoot. Stay yourself and be prepared to make something different with that look.

Pinupgirl Clothing

10. Use the right make up or the photographer will take care of a good Make Up artist.....In case you need to do the make up yourself. There are so many brands to use from, but not many who have the real vintage look, or just that right shade of lipstick to be that Bombshell. 
*Julie Hewett, Make up department head for “Hitchcock”, can take 50 years off any face. And that’s precisely what she did when she created 1959-to-'61- era looks for Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, James D’Arcy, Helen Mirren and more than 200 extras in the film, released by Fox Searchlight, that explores the relationship between Hitchcock and his wife, Alma Reville, during the “Psycho” shoot.
Other brands who i think are fantastic for make up are ;  MAC Cosmetics, Besame Cosmetics, Benefit, Too Faced, The Balm, ARTDECO and Lime Crime.
Get a pair of good Make Up Brushes too like ; SigmaMAC or Real Techniques (who are very affordable and you can buy them easily in store at DI in Belgium and the netherlands).
There are more good brands, but i can not name them all. It’s al about which brushes work for you.
And yes, it’s an investment to collect the whole set. Search on amazon, where i bought mine too last christmas for a good price. and it’s the real thing.
Take a look at this Vintage Make up Guide :

11. CONFIDENCE and SEX APPEAL! Having an attitude that suits the theme. if that isn’t the most important thing, i don’t know what else.
No Pin Up is complete without it. Confidence and perhaps a good pair of high heels will help you posture. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman!

Frollein Sue model and Muse

12. Find other people near you who are also into Pinup. Watch and learn. See how they move, eat, handle, the attitude, the vibe ; and start learning how to act elegant. I must say, that there are some naturals out there who do not have to make an effort to be this way. They are just like this. If you are one of the Naturals, well congrats. You are born to be Pin Up :-)

Lolly Wish

Acid Doll with jewelry of Glitter Paradise + Hairflower by Niccoco Creations

13. Final ; Get involved. Don’t let the photographer arrange the whole shoot alone. Make sure there is a theme, it’s so much easier to work in themes. Search on google how to look and handle for that theme, the poses, the attitude etc. It’s like playing in a movie, be that person or become that person.....Be excited! Give the best you have, but don’t forget to stay yourself and say no if you don’t want to do nude or implied. It’s your choice, you have to deal with the photos afterwards. Especially when you have to find a new job, think carefully what you want to show off. Pin Up is not always nude’s all about the Tease, to discover more and make people excited, to let the imagination have it’s own life. At the end you will represent the pictures, therefore it’s important to find a good photographer who can show you on your best and is not only taking photos, but really guides you that you can look better with the hand different or telling to put the chin up or even can give you compliments if you do good and then of course makes the picture at the right time :).
Be a Team for that day, it can only make things better.

Marilyn Monroe Playboy 1953 versus Lolly Wish 2013

EXTRA TIP : It’s all about professionalism. Show respect for the photographer. Eventually you are the one who wants some beautiful pictures and the fact that you go to that particular photographer, you know his or her style and likes it. It means you have to accept the photographer’s Rates and not question them. Photography is not only taking the shot, it’s much more than that.
It’s certainly not pro to talk about other shootings the photographer did with other models and question how much they payed. That is private ladies! We are all adults here, act like it.


  1. Interessant om dit vanuit jouw perspectief te lezen, niet dat ik ooit model ga worden, maar ik wil ooit nog eens een set foto's hebben voor mijzelf en mijn vriend. Dan zijn deze tips goed om te weten! Dankjewel :)

    1. Dank je Esmiralda, het hoeft niet perse voor pinups te zijn. Het helpt gewoon wel bij de shootings, want veel modellen beseffen niet hoeveel er bij te pas komt. Vandaar een samenvatting :)


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