August 15, 2015

13 Old hollywood beauty secrets you really want to know

Old Hollywood has a lot of secrets and definitely some beauty secrets.
We do have our beauty secrets too, but we can still learn something as we live in such a modern world with thousands of products where we just don’t know where to start.
But hey, who needs pharmaceutical products? 

It seems that these ladies went the natural way.
learn how these vintage Stars kept themselves beautiful.
Therefore i place them on a line here for you.

Audrey Hepburn's doe-eyed look was her trademark. Along with a strong brow, and efforts to keep the rest of her makeup neutral, Hepburn focused on her lashes to draw attention to her eyes. To ensure separation of each lash, her makeup artist used to apply mascara -- and then painstakingly separate each lash using a safety pin. Risky business!

Marlene Dietrich's perfectly arched, thin eyebrows weren't a gift from nature. In the early 1930s, it was reportedly stylish to pencil in your lashes. Dietrich is said to have completely shaved off her natural brows so that she could draw artificial ones on to perfection. 

The original Italian Goddess Sophia Loren, who often wore revealing outfits, kept her skin soft and hydrated by occasionally taking baths with olive oil, according to the BBC. Our environment and water can be drying on the skin, so olive oil does help seal in much-needed moisture. Incidentally, Loren still looks glamorous today -- even at 80.

You've probably heard of the recent coconut oil fad, with people swearing to its virtues for beauty, health and cooking. But Mae West was in on this little secret decades ago. The sex symbol relied on coconut oil to give her skin its dewy youthful glow. 
It’s said that she was never without a jar.

We like to think of Rita Hayworth as one of Hollywood's original redheads, paving the way for other flame-haired stars like Emma Stone and Julianne Moore. Surprisingly, her natural color was not red. To advance her career, Hayworth had her hair dyed and was even convinced to have her hairline moved back, to create a bigger forehead, through electrolysis.  She also reportedly kept her star feature in tip-top shape by doing hot oil treatments after every wash, and then rinsing them out after 15 minutes with water and a bit of lemon juice.

There's no eye makeup more iconic than Liz Taylor's dramatic winged liner and heavy eyeshadow in "Cleopatra." Taylor said in an interview that she liked to be in charge of her own beauty routine, cutting her own hair and even learning to do her "Cleopatra" makeup -- on her own.

But even with that striking eye makeup, there's one thing that's most important when trying to look wide-eyed and awake: beauty sleep. "Honey, you'll look like hell if you don't get a good night's sleep," Taylor said.
Elizabeth reportedly shaved her face with a razor to remove baby hairs and to exfoliate. She believed it helped her make up go on smoother.

Marilyn Monroe was famous for her enviable hourglass figure -- and especially for having curves in all the right places. Apparently, it was mostly due to a regimen that included weight training and a high protein diet. In a 1952 interview with Pageant Magazine, Monroe detailed her morning fitness routine and told of her bizarre breakfast. "Before I take my morning shower, I start warming a cup of milk on the hot plate I keep in my hotel room. When it's hot, I break two raw eggs into the milk, whip them up with a fork, and drink them while I'm dressing," Monroe said. 

Celebrity hair and makeup artist Peter Lamas told that when working with actress Grace Kelly, he noticed her repeatedly applying lotion to her hands. Kelly reportedly said it was because hands are where people show their age first -- 
She also used 2 shades of blush to define her cheekbones. With one shade for underneath her cheekbones and a slightly darker shade dusted on the apples.

The platinum blonde actress Jean Harlow felt contouring was important in giving her face all the right angles. She purposely avoided a center part and liked voluminous hairstyles to make her face appear less full. And it appears contouring wasn't invented in the modern day. The actress used to apply blush high on her cheeks to give the illusion of a slimmer face and even plucked out her eyebrows so she could draw them on perfectly herself. Ouch.

Hedy Lamarr thinks cream bases give a madeup appearance, she avoids them as much as possible and uses a hand lotion as a foundation. After working at the studio, she removes makeup with mineral oil, washes her face thoroughly, pats on the hand lotion -- and leaves off powder for the ride home. She think screen work puts enough strain on the skin and at least one day a week goes without makeup of any kind.

Her cosmetic tip is to be careful in choosing the right powder for your coloring; she observes that women are apt to be too casual in this respect, and that the wrong shade throws the coloring of the eyes off. You might remember that the next time you replenish your supply of powder.

Gloria Grahame felt her upper lip wasn’t full enough and so she used cotton swabs or 
tissue placed under it to make her upper lip appear more full.

Greta Garbo felt her eyes didn’t stand out enough, so she used Vaseline under dark shadows to create a theatrical glossy look.

To create this look, she would apply a super thin layer of petroleum jelly over the eyelids, cover with neutral skin toned powder all the way up to the brow line and blend a dark shade into the crease to get that dramatical look. It’s a deep set appearance. She would also line the upper lid with eyeliner made from a blend of petroleum and charcoal pigment and finish with mascara.

Carole Lombard says with a demure smile ; “Nothing on earth can give a woman confidence and that grand inner happiness like a little exterior decoration!”. Nothing except love of course. She adds with a laughter :)

Carole had after a car accident a slightly crooked nose. She would draw a thin white line on it to make the nose appear straighter.


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