March 21, 2015

Miss Candyfloss for Curvy women

Finally a brand who embraces

If you closely look around on the net and if you are a curvy woman like me with wider arms and always has to realize that the arms don’t fit (too tight) well it’s frustrating then. you’ll notice that many beautiful dresses, coats, skirts etc just don’t have your size in their stock.
Or the worst thing, they just don’t offer it and it stops at size 42......

Well this makes me mad, cause why can’t curvy women wear this beautiful clothing as well?
We want to look and wear the beautiful new cloths that are available to any girl please.

Well, recently i came across the brand Miss candyfloss. They are situated in Sweden and as i know Sweden stands for Quality (Think about Ikea LOL). I can tell you, it’s true.
I did a special photoshoot with one of their beautiful red Winter coats with white fur. I did a casting call on my Facebook page for a curvy lady with at least size 16 and there she was.
Frollein Sue was the perfect model for me. She came all the way from Hamburg to shoot with me. Why did i not choose a thinner model? Well i think i want to break through the “IDEAL" look you see everywhere now. This is not about bashing skinny women, but rather the fashion industry that tries to make all women fit into the same type of clothes with a certain ideal look. Size 6 is not the ideal look ladies and Gentlemen. Curvy women are the perfect look and i think many men will agree with me on this. Just my opinion :)

Miss candyfloss knows that and that makes them a strong brand. They think about us and sizes are pretty right when you think we are not standard sized women. If you are not sure about your size, you can always ask them as well. They answer pretty quick.

As the nights are still freezing cold, this coat keeps us warm and now you can buy this beautiful coat with a great discount on Hurry up before they are gone.
I just heard on the news that next week it’s going to freeze again.....brrrrrr. I will be happy to wear a Miss Candyfloss Coat :-)

Even for next winter i think this will be a great eye-catcher!
Let me introduce you to our winter pictures with the first sun we had.

Photos and hair : Damona-Art
Red Harmony Rose Winter coat by Miss candyfloss
Vintage Lucite earrings from Glitter Paradise
Hearts fascinator from Jazzafine
Heels from Topvintage

Have a lovely weekend darlings!

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