February 17, 2015

Some valentine Love

Do the LOVE Shake

Hello everyone and welcome to the new visitors as well. We had a great past weekend, since it was valentine weekend! Who does not like to be loved or loves to love? 
Everyone loves to be loved hehe :-)

As it has been 2 months ago since i did my last shooting, it was time to create something new here.
The best thing to start with was with a love shoot. I recently just bought a Magimix Blender in RED! Yes.....all my kitchen machines are red haha, i LOVE it!
So, i knew that i wanted to make some Loveshakes. Simple Strawberry milkshake, but made with LOVE :D

This blender is amazing, the more i use it, the more i love it to make my daily detox smoothies and it looks sooooooo retro <3
I can crush ice, create cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies, mix soup etc.....it even has some programs in it to do all the work.

So what did we do?
I created a casting call on my Facebook page to arrange a new shoot and thank you to all ladies who responded. unfortunately i could only choose 1 girl and it was the lovely laughing Ladykitty.
She is gorgeous and we were immediately on one line here. The shooting was in the studio and i quickly bought my ingredients to make my milkshake with vanilla ice cream and frozen strawberries. 

Recipe is included in the pictures hehe :-)

I also got my kitchen trolly up in the studio to put my blender on as it is really heavy and needed to get a steady place + to show off my new retro milkshake glasses i got really cheap. i still had to unbox the machine, cause it was just delivered. So yes, my kitchen was a mess....so what? It means we are alive LOL

The day of the shooting was great, we did not bother that it was raining outside, i had heat in the studio and we had a great time shaking while blending with some background music of Jerry lee Lewis :D

Let’s shake it baby!

Model : Ladykitty
Photography : Damona-Art
Duo hair flower by Sophisticated Lady
Linda Love Cat brooch from Erstwilder
Dress by Lindy Bop

That’s all folks, i hope you had a wonderful valentine!
Ps : did you notice her dress matches my Blog background really well here? :D

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