January 23, 2015

Dream Cars, Nostalgic Cars

What we bring to the present, 
we can get from the past

Leila Lipstique

Don’t we all love those Vintage cars from the 50’s and 60’s with a handsome guy driving it or a fancy lady putting her make up in the mirror? but in fact i love all cars that still drive after many decades :-)
It means they are build with love and strength. Build to last through the future. I feel it with many things >> radios, cars, cameras, clothes, shoes, jewelry and yes even umbrellas were made stronger back then. now after 1 blow, the umbrella is gone :p

Back on what i was supposed to write.; i easily get distracted hehe :D
For some years now i have been using old cars in my shootings and every time these people surprise me with another amazing car they have restored. let’s talk about Nostalgic-Cars. They are situated in Belgium and restore cars from the 10’s to the 70’s. A small company with great people :)

This company restores cars so well! I remember when i wanted to use a car for my 10’s / 20’s Dandy shoot they showed me this amazing car "Ford T” which blown away my mind! Is that for real i asked them? Yes they said and completely restored by hand. Well i’ll tell you, it was amazing to work with such a good looking old car. Can you imagine this is the oldest car they have? 

Not many car companies restore cars that well i think. So thumbs up for Nostalgic-Cars!
They have more than 45 driving oldies and are kind of unique in Belgium......not to mention they have lots of theme decorations for hire onto your weddings, parties, private celebrations etc.

They restore all cars for customers as well and their motto is “They love what they do”. 
What a great Job!

Here is their Facebook page where you can follow up all their restorations 

Watch some before and afters here, it will blow your mind :)

Buick 1951 Mint
Shooting with Miss Liz Cherie



Cadillac Limousine 1959
Shooting with Acid Doll



Cadillac Fleetwood 1957
Shooting with Tina Vonnekro



Ford T 1916

Shooting with George BanGable and Mademoiselle O



Chrysler Windsor deluxe 1952
Shooting with leila Lipstique



Pink Chevrolet Impala 1960
Shooting with Acid Doll



With thanks to Nostalgic Cars to provide me the before photos of their restored cars :)
May your company keep growing!

Other designers involved in these shootings are

January 14, 2015

POLABORA, the modern Polaroid

Modern times deserve modern techniques

All my life i have been a huge fan of Polaroids. You may think, what is so special about them?
Well it’s the possibility and the fact that you can capture the moment straight on paper with a surprising effect sometimes. When you push in the button and then you hear the zoom with a card coming out. While you are looking at the development of the photo, it’s so exciting to see the photo come to life. 

I think i might have some Old Polaroids laying in my draw here.....
They must have been over 30 years old and still i love them. The feeling, look, size, and not to forget the memories of the moments you captured them. Who had the camera? What situation was it at that time? I still laugh when i see some polaroids i find back from when i was little. I see i was already silly back then :-)
There are many polaroids on the market, from Vintage ones to the modern ones, i have several kinds in my collections.

Recently i have discovered even a Premium Quality Retro Print service in Belgium. When i found them, through Google i think, i could not be more excited to try this out and especially when i saw their prices. They have some great offers on their Website!


Where does the name come from?

Is it a mix of Polaroid with Labo?
Hehe, maybe they will tell me when they read this :)

They stand for 
“Enjoy Life, Capture those Happy Moments”

What are their advantages : 

* Free delivery of your polaroids all over the world!
* Cheap prices
* Good quality
* Fast service
* They care for your prints!
* If you order before 16.00 CET, your order will be shipped the next day 
* Included you will get some clips to hang them up somewhere (like you see in pictures above and below)

What are their disadvantages :

* For uploading your prints, you better resize to square already, or else the print will not match.
* Express shipping is kinda expensive outside Belgium. But who needs fast shipping when you get free shipping worldwide, right?
As long as the prints arrive safely and in good conditions :-)

Check their WEBSITE for shipping times

If you would like to print your own Polaroids with Polabora, 
you can get a great discount using this code 


It will be valid for 1 month after this post.
Hurry and get your prints now with 20% off!!!

Starter set : 6 Polaroids for 4,99 Euro
Pro set : 16 Polaroids for 8,99 Euro
Booster set : 36 Polaroids for 17,49 Euro
You can even give a Luxury Gift Card to someone for the Holidays

Original Polaroid Size

Mini Size

I made them especially in Black and White and look how cute they are!

Retro Strips

These are the pockets they came in

And as i am a fan of surprise looks and you may not believe it, 
but my Pink Christmastree is still up in my Studio, 
so i thought this is the perfect occasion to hang them in the tree. 
It will be maybe the new hype next Christmas, who knows :-)

Clips included to hang them up

I hope you enjoyed this post, i sure did.
Make it a wonderful week everyone and it would be great if you could let me know
if your ordered some yourselfs :)

If you would like to print your own Polaroids with Polabora, 
you can get a great discount using this code 


It will be valid for 1 month after this post.
Hurry and get your prints now with 20% off!!!

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