November 18, 2014

Kat Club No 1 Special International Edition

We made it!!!!!

I think this is going to be a post with a little bit of self promotion hehe. But i can not keep this secret from you. i’m so proud i made it that far. I never would have guessed (or dreamed) that i would have the Cover of America’s Biggest Pinup Retro magazine! And then even with 7 more pages inside!

They run some special editions called Kat Club and now they have a very special issue dedicated to Talent from all over the Globe. If you don’t believe me, here is the link to their Facebook post of some days ago hehe >>

The Covermodel is no-one less than Acid Doll who seems to be always perfect for the themes i want or searching for. We are a dream team and when you have a good team, the sky is not the limit :)

I also have written a letter to the fans of Retro Lovely and Kat Club to tell a little bit more about me of what i do and who i am. I think this way of writing a letter is also important to say thank you for this great gift. Without hard work, this would never have happened. There is also a small Bio inside of Acid Doll. I kind of knew that when we did this shooting that it was going to be for something special and is!

Anything is possible with the right mindset and a lot of hard work. I also thank the people who worked with me that are in this issue and trust me and my ideas. Without you ladies it would look all differently. Congrats to you all as well, you really deserve to be in the spotlights too!

i’m sure this magazine is a musthave in your collection as it’s very unique in it’s kind.
Especially the first international edition!

You can pre-order it HERE, they soon go to press

An entire issue of Artists from all over the Globe!
Now i have to find myself a new goal :)


Added November 19, 2014

Retro Lovely magazine has just uploaded the files for the Kat Club International Edition!

It is available here:

Via this link those of you around the globe can obtain copies at reduced shipping costs as the printer has facilities globally and in most instances be able to produce and ship from a location within your postal service!

When those of you who obtain a print copy receive it, please send them a snapshot of yourself with the issue. They will share this online and promote your pages along with it.


Comments are always welcome, I read each and everyone one of them

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