November 02, 2014

60’s Twiggy Revival shoot

From Less is More to Twiggy look

In this post i will tell you a bit on how i work with my photo shootings, 
so i also took some behind the scenes photos and thank you to Fraukje, she did too.

Last sunday i had a photoshooting which was very 60’s inspired. My inspiration came from the twiggy style back in the 60’s. As i also think as a creative photographer this is perfect to expand my skills by looking a lot through pictures from Vogue etc. What colors did they use, how does it pop, how is the light, which poses where in, The expression of the face etc.....

In photography there is more than just taking the pictures, it’s the whole story that is important. The inspiration that is needed makes the full look. Therefore it’s also good to gather a good team with people who know what you want and are willing to work out this idea with you.

I have been in contact with Rina Bambina who is Amabassador of la Pinup Page on Facebook. She knew immediately what i wanted and we have been searching together for the right props, outfits, look, style and all the details. How fun was that! :)
I usually do not start early with the shooting day, as i know how important it is for everyone to have a good night sleep before the shoot. It’s no use to get up early with tiny eyes, drinking tons of coffee and shaking the camera cause of it LOL.

The shooting was in my home (Black Carousel Studios). Everyone arrived safely at noon and we started with eating some Pumpkin soup that i made the day before. It’s almost a witches brew as it saw a little bit green to my eyes haha. Served with Homemade bread...yes i spoil the people i work with :p

It was almost 13u and we went upstairs to my bathroom to make the model ready. In the meanwhile i set the studio and gave instructions (with free creativity) on how i wanted it to look hehe. All went well and as i also wanted to shoot outside, but the weather was not completely working with us + changing hour to wintertime has been fooling us around with the light, we took the chance and we drove to a place where there would usually would be lots of sun, but when arriving the lights was gone, so we skipped that part. I knew we had to go back to the studio and shoot everything there.....

One funny part i do want to share with you though......
While we were driving to our location to shoot, i had to take a little turn to the right and i told the people in the car i have to take that corner. Frances Folies was holding the bucket with candy eyeballs between her legs and when i took the turn (probably too wild), i heard someone screaming in the back and a bucket crack and eyeballs rolling in the car. I knew the bucket broke hahahaha. But no worries, eyeballs will appear somehow LOL.

The shoot itself went pretty fast, but as we know the preparation is the most important thing and i respect that. Rina had 4 dresses with her, we did use them all. For the mini dresses i had the vision of the real Twiggy 60’s style with bright colors and popping background. What better color than purple.
By the way : this purple background paper came in just in time for my shoot, phew :-)

For the last set we had this dress from Cute Lou Couture which was totally what we were looking for. Bats theme and dark style with a pinup twist. How fun to do this. transforming Rina to Brigitte bardot was so much fun. we were going wild baby!
Here are some examples of what we created.....I think i don’t need to say more. It was a blast!
Everyone went home happily ever after :)



Photography : Damona-Art
Retro Lucite Jewelry : Glitter Paradise
Autumn Hair Flower by Sophisticated lady
Rain Coat and all Mini dresses by Atelier Belle Couture


Photography : Damona-Art
Spooky Bats jewelry by Glitter Paradise
Black Bats Hair Clips by Vintagebox1947
Bats Sheer dress from Cute Lou Couture


I hope you enjoyed this as much as we have :-)

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