October 07, 2014

Where do you believe in?

Sometimes in life it’s important to stand still and think about where you believe in
As i am a lover of old Hollywood, Marlene Dietrich had a great Believe

Marlene Dietrich

„ I believe a man would prefer to come home to an unmade bed and a happy woman,
than to a neatly made bed and an angry woman"

The last few weeks i came across some paths i had to take in my life to be able to move forward. It’s not easy to take the right path, therefore it’s good to stand still once in a while and think about what you are standing for.
What is the most important thing in your life? That will make your choice a bit easier.
The next question is also, can you trust anyone who crosses your path? Well if he or she thinks the same way as you do, you may be willing to trust that person. But for this you have to be sure that this person is not lying to you.....I had some bad experiences lately and that made me think about what i stand for and that i have to keep faithful to that. Faithful to me and to the people i love.

Also before i re-designed this blog 2 weeks ago it was important to describe myself as who i am and where i believe in and it’s also interesting for my readers to know who i am and what i stand for. The best way to do that is to write a Manifesto.
I can tell you, that you will get to know yourself a little bit better when you write one. It’s a way to send a message out to the world, but also to yourself. This is how i feel and act.
There are hundreds of ways to write a Manifesto, you can focus on your message but also about things you really believe in......so with my Manifesto i will start with "I believe”.
Only my first 35 believes :-)

1. I believe in life after death, but also that you have to make something out of this life
2. I believe in creating some free time for yourself "even with your to do list in hand”
3. I believe that healthy food is better for your mind and body than pre made, supermarket food
4. I believe in the power of NOW
5. I believe that when you do good for someone else, you will feel good yourself
6. I believe in not judging about others before you know the facts
7. I believe in the charm of a sophisticated lady who takes care of herself
8. I believe in "Do no Harm, but take no Shit”
9. I believe in love for pretty things :)
10. I believe you can do anything, as long as you want it
11. I believe that wherever you are in the world, there is no place like Home
12. I believe in myself
13. I believe that people who lie to me and trick me, will go to Hell
14. I believe America is the most powerful country in the world
15. I believe in people who trust me
16. I believe in less buying and more giving
17. I believe i found my soulmate.....long ago.
18. I believe there is something out there watching us
19. I believe in Karma, when positive things are made, that returns well. But if you do bad things, that returns eventually to you as well, but then in a bad way
20. I believe in the magic of Christmas and that christmaslights can heal your soul
21. I believe in love at first sight
22. I believe that animals have feelings and that they like to get some love back
23. I believe that paying more for things that are made with love and good craft is a good reason to ask you partner the credit card :-)
24. I believe that preparation is the most important thing, the rest is only the finishing touch.
25. I believe i can fly when i drink more than 1 beer
26. I believe in honesty and to stay true to yourself
27. I believe that snow is made to make Angel wings in it when it falls down
28. I believe my dog tries to talk some words to me every time she groms at me
29. I believe in purple, as that is the spiritual color of the soul
30. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner
31. I believe in being strong if everything seems to go wrong
32. I believe imagination is stronger than knowledge
33. i Believe in treating animals well and that animal testing in labs should be forbidden
34. I believe in having respect for someones work, even if it is not your cup of tea.
35. I believe that if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude and if you’re grateful,  God will open new doors for you.

I’m sure i have many more believes, but you have to think for yourselfs which are the most important to you. With these 35 believes you must know me quite good now. As this is totally me ;)
It’s a good way to get to know yourself better, if it is not for you, try to do it anyway and be honest about it, cause that is the whole point why you can write a Manifesto. Your mind will be more clear to you and you will know better what you really want. Other people will appreciate it too when they know where you believe in.

Where do you believe in?
What are you standing for?

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