October 04, 2014

What’s in a Name (The Vanity) Part 2

Some more Vanity Treasures

In part 1 this week we talked about what it means to have a vanity. And reviewed some products i have. Ofcourse it’s up to you what you all treasure in your vanity. It can be from make-up, perfume, brushes, hair accessories, Powder puffs, candles, jewelry, flowers etc.....

Well as you know my vanity is a 2 piece furniture. in the below part i keep the towels and some hair accessories like my Hot rollers. It’s an advantage to have shovels under the vanity.
Today i want to show you some more products closely and explain to you how i use them and what they are for or can be used for.


Who doesn’t like good smells? I sure do. I hate it when someone passes me by and does not smell good. I think that everyone has a certain responsibility to come out the door smelling fresh.
So before i go out of the door i powder my skin with Rose Dusting Powder from Bronnley. Mostly just around the upper part bust. Cause i don’t want to be walking around like a cloud :D

I found it at the Inno (something like Galeria Kaufhof). You can also find it on EBAY.
The smell is a sophisticated rose bouquet with fresh green top notes on a heart or rose and geranium lifted with subtle honeyed-spice notes. It has also a hint of white musk.
Delicatley fragraned to leave your skin softly scented all day long. Lightly dust over your body with the enlaced puff.  And i tell you....you will smell enchanted all day long.


I adore all Besame cosmetic products, some time ago i saw this brightening violet powder on the website of Besame cosmetics, and as it was looking so sophisticated and has somehow a 40’s look i have become interested in what it was. 

I always loved the idea of brightening my face as i 'blush' very easily and have some kind of red/pink skin color.  As a child i have always been dreaming about making myself ready in front of a mirror with all those fabulous nostalgia products and lipsticks. So before i could think i ordered this little box at What Katie Did. The package looked so cute and i could not wait to open it.

I felt like in Poirot age when opening the box and a scent of violets was flying by. The powder is so delicate and soft, nothing what i was expecting. What a great surprise! This is a translucent loos powder that adds just a hint of brightness for an instant lift to any complexion. It sets make up beautifully and leaves a soft matt finish. Now for my skin this was a bit too matt, as i have a very dry skin. So i use it to brighten some spots under my eyes and where needed to set the concealer. This powder does not contain shimmers.

It costs 22$ for 6 gram. Unfortunately "What katie Did" discontinued this product. But i heard that Besame Cosmetics renewed their packaging in PURPLE :)


I have been using many lipsticks, one is better than the other. It’s not easy to find the right substitute for your lips. When the First MAC store came to Leuven this year it was the first time i entered the shop. I must say i was impressed about the amount of cosmetics they have from that brand. You can easily loose sight when you do not know what you want. Though there are some professionally trained people who are always prepared to help you out.

As i was searching for the right red lipstick and heard a lot about Ruby Woo, i thought i will try it out.
First i was not impressed on how it looked on me. Then i went back 2 weeks later and thought of just buying it and put it on easily at home, no pressure. And i bought the Cherry Pencil with it to draw a nice line around my lips. They did tell me that this lipstick is really dry on the lips. That’s why i was not convinced the first time.

After some searching on the net i found out that for applying dry lipstick you better use a primer first. and i saw MAC has that. I’m sure there are more brands that have primers, but i like this one personally. It makes me wonder why those professional people did not tell me that at MAC.
So i went back to the store and i bought the LAST primer they had. Lucky me!
This Primer gives a Waxy feel to the lips and i think it’s the perfect base.

How to apply Lipstick for long lasting?

1.  Clean your mouth well before applying anything.
2.  Put on some Prep + Prime (especially on the edge of the lips).
It holds the line of the lipstick much better, so it’s not bleeding.
3.  Then draw with your matching pencil a line around your lips. In any shape you want.
4.  Apply the first layer of Lipstick of your choice, use a lip brush to smooth it out nicely.
5.  I personally put some Besame Powder Compact powder on 2 fingers and dip a bit on the lips.
6.  Then apply a second layer of Lipstick with a brush pencil and finish with the fine tuning of the shape of the mouth with the lipliner.
7. Slide your point finger from inside to outside the mouth and you will have no lipstick on the teeth.
Well maybe it will not work on everyone, it works with me :-)

This lipstick should now hold most of the day ;-)
Of course it's always good to keep your lipstick and lip pencil close to you, you never know something unexpecting might happen and you need to freshen up your look.

This Ruby Woo lipstick with a Blue red undertone is one of the best that holds on my lips! It’s maybe because it’s just dry, but not too dry anymore for my lips, wow. This is just amazing! The vintage Red Cherry pop color is also one of a kind and is one of their best selling lipsticks. I feel like coming straight from the past. Use it together with the Cherry Lipliner and it’s perfect.
Ruby Woo was first launched in 1999 as part of a collection with a new formula called Retro Matte. it was essentially a mattified version of the brand’s popular Russian Red (which i have also). It immediately rose to success as the best on the market.

I recently saw a very interesting video on the Mac website 
about how to apply lipstick in just 5 minutes. 
maybe you find it interesting too.

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