October 11, 2014

I take no Longer...The story of Meryl Streep

What will you take no longer?
Something to think about

Well, a good friend sent me this article today and i found it very interesting in the way Meryl Streep thinks. I thought i’d share this with you....
Somehow i can see myself in her and the older i become, the more i think the same.
Why do we think like this? Is it experience in life who made us think like this? 
Sometimes people can make you very tough, just by doing things like Meryl says or even worse.
I kind of understand her and it’s true, it’s not because she’s arrogant.....she just reached a point in her life where you look further than this. I think everyone should think about themselves of who they have become. 

Do we even want to be involved with manipulative people? And stay in that situation, just because you are used to it and think you don’t want to loose those people, because you think they love you. I tell you, they will only harm you more and they will only make you sick if you keep this going. Or will you take control over your life and make something amazing out of it? Without those who are dishonest, hypocrites and people with pretense. Make sure people deserve you! Your loyalty, your love, work and time you give them.

Annie Leibovitz shot this photograph of Meryl Streep for Rolling Stone Magazine. I think it shows exactly of who she is. she does not want to wear a mask, she is real and honest. The fact that she thinks differently, Annie has showed really well. No complications, just simple Meryl.
White represents an angelic energy that Meryl posses.

Some more pictures of Meryl which i really like. She is quite an Interesting woman!

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  1. Honesty is a very expensive gift, Don't expect it from cheap people !
    Love & Hugs my friend, Meryl said it all xxx


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