October 23, 2014

Antwerp Shopping Log

How great it is for us Ladies to go SHOPPING!

Finally i have been to Antwerp this week since i had to pick up my new Purple background roll for the studio in Camera Warehouse which was only 15 minutes away from the center, i decided to make a visit to some great shops and actually i had a great time. I should do that more often....It’s a great city with very exclusive shops, not always that expensive....just unique.
Even when having not that much time, it’s worth a visit at the Meir, where most of the shops are.
Here are some of my favorite shops and what i bought there. i was there for 1 hour, you can imagine that was not enough time for proper shopping :D

First i started with Lush Cosmetics

My goodness, this shop is just amazing!
It’s a real must do.

They believe in making effective products from fresh Organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential  oils and safe synthetics. They also believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals and in testing their products on humans.
They invent their own products and fragrances, and i can tell you.....the smell is AMAZING!
I’m totally into this new find shop hehe. They have all kind of products like : Massage oils, soap, cuticle treatment, hair masks, face creams and the best thing of all.....all products have such cool names. Here are some products i bought with them and i can only tell you that they are full of relaxation feeling. They also have an online shop, but shipping is not cheap.

Cost >> 10,65 Euro
When you have dry spots on the body or hands, this is also the perfect cream

With the smell of Mandarine all day long :)
Cost >> 100 gr : 7,60 Euro
250 gr : 14,70 Euro
500 gr : 21,30 Euro

Lip Balm with Honey, White chocolate and vanilla mmmm..
Cost >> 8,30 Euro

Next stop was THE INNO

Very exclusive products they have there like BENEFIT!
This is what i found

And yes, i fell in love with this eye shadow set :-)
Call my buff, Kiss me i’m tipsy, it’s complicated and gilt-y pleasure.
Also added in the box 2 bases for 2 different looks + step by step guide

Great Cosmetic store where they also have Bobbi Brown, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Annayake, La Mer, Vintage Chique etc....


Although it’s a bit early, but there is this amazing Christmas outlet store with decorations over 2000 Square meter! Just amazing...
I have not many pictures yes, i was just too amazed and was running out of time.
Planning to do another shopping day there :D

I know there are many more great shops, like there are a lot of Vintage shops in the Kloosterstraat.
I saw some good restaurants and great Coffee Nespresso shops.
You can also find the first Belgian Disney Store, The Chocolate Line (with exclusive chocolate), New Yorker, MAC, Rituals, Saturn, Urban outfitters, Lomography, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc....

There are some shops i just wish for that they come to Belgium like : 

I’m wondering, which shops do you wish for?

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