September 29, 2014

What’s in a Name (The Vanity) Part 1

What does it mean to have a Vanity?

I think every classy woman dreams to have a vanity at home and the more about the products she is going to use to look at her best. I own a vanity myself and it’s not common to have a vanity at home and where do you place it? Even better, what’s on a vanity?

It’s not only about buying the furniture, it’s all about how you use it or what products you think deserve to be showed off on the vanity.

My vanity is a 2 piece furniture, first i bought the main desk and later i dreamed about having a mirror and some room to show off my beautiful products. All my lipsticks are in the shoves. That makes me also not forget them and i know exactly where they are ;-)
Everyone who comes for a photoshooting at my home, will be having the opportunity to get all fancy at my Vanity corner since it’s standing in my big bathroom. What better place to start the day than on the vanity?


Something that really can’t be missing on a vanity set is the traditional Vintage vanity Brush set. existing mostly in a 3 piece combination, but i lost my clothing brush on a very unfortunate way.
It’s just one of those things that are really essential.
You can find them easily on ebay or amazon and you have to be lucky to have an unique example. I have 2 Brush sets, one with flowers and an Art Deco set in red.
I used both sets in my photo shootings.


The second piece that can not be missed in on a vanity is something that is really adding that extra on doing up the hair. The smell of Layrite Deluxe Pomade is really irresistible!
It’s an extremely versatile Pomade which provides excellent hold for short, fine, or normal hair and can be used to create put together or messy styles with a medium style.

This traditional pomade has a mild vanilla fragrance and looks and feels like an extremely thick gel. it’s easy to spread in the palm of your hands, distributes easily through your hair and is easy to style with your hands or a comb. I’v been using it for a while now and i must say that it’s a real must have. No more frizzy hair!


This is a very beautiful vintage flowers graved decorated box (which i think is unique in it’s kind) and has a flawless application with a matte formula. This natural mica gives the complexion a luminous, soft radiance. It’s a velvet medium powder enriched with vitamin C and therefore i think it’s perfect to apply between lipstick layers. Yes really. The trick for applying hours of lipstick is to put it on in layers. First you moisten the lips if necessary, then apply lipliner, 1 layer of lipstick. Then take some of this powder on your fingers and dip it gently on the lipstick. Proceed with adding another layer of lipstick and if necessary lipliner. Your lipstick will now hold all day long, thanks to Besame cosmetics. The powder also shields agains UV rays and you can easily put it in your handbag to freshen up after you ate something or just for looking good all the time along your trip.


This is one of my newest treasures and i’m totally excited about this. Last weekend i was in Cologne and while walking through Douglas store i came across some ARTDECO products. My eyes fell immediately on this beautiful decorated box. It was like being in a toy store. This is by far the most enchanting powder box i have ever seen and it’s part of the 2014 limited edition set called "Jungle Fever".

This light, transparent bronzing powder gives your complexion a natural matte finish. I use it for giving shadows to my cheek. It has a autumny brown color, which i think is perfect for this season.
Depending on the amount applied (be careful not to apply too much), you can adapt the optimal tan effect. SPF-15 protects the skin from damaging UV-Rays and is water resistant. 
Perfect for a glorious Day!

Dita Von Teese also launched her beautiful make up collection at Artdeco. But i don’t have any products about that yet :)

That’s all folks, part 2 will be released later this week.

Then i will talk about more products that you simply will love!

September 19, 2014

Hell Bunny Souvenir dress

The perfect Party summer dress with a modern twist

Hello everyone,

I have re-designed my blog this week in a style which i think really suits for what i stand for and for who i am. I get a lot of questions about where i find my layouts and where i host. Well you are at Blogspot when you read this, this is it. Besides a Photographer i’m also a Photoshop Wizard. I just like to do everything myself. You can not find this blog design somewhere else, as i have designed it myself :-)

Since i have been loosing a lot of weight this year i have been anxious for wearing one of Hell Bunny’s dresses. While walking through town in Leuven i found a great Vintage store where this dress was for sale. It is the Hell Bunny Souvenir dress. It’s a beautiful vintage style summery dress made of a wonderful printed fabric of illustrated scenes from Fiji, maps, banners, flowers, fish and a nice text "Fiji welcomes you”. So i melted......

I was like, i’m going to try it out now.
First i was not really convinced as i thought it showed too much my arms. i must admit that i know my arms are still too wide and there is hardly something to do about that. So i kind of accepted the way i look, bought the dress and found a solution to feel good in this dress.

I have been really busy with clothing and how to look good as a life size lady. You have to get a good eye and not always trust on sellers. Ofcourse most sellers mean no harm and can really be helpful, but some only want to sell items. I learned that you must know somehow what kind of cuts look good on you and which not. 
Try some poses in the mirror, ask other people. try to get more opinions. I found out that the best thing to cover up wider arms is wearing a Bolero or Cardigan.
Therefore i ordered this cute Bolero from Heart of Haute. And i think it’s a perfect match.
Good for a windy day or just to feel not too much like 'naked’ :-)

The bodice is fitted and has an elegant V-Neck. The back also has a low V-Cut with a stylish lapel edging and hidden zip fastening. The waist has a removable white belt which i can also use with other dresses ;)
The skirt flares out nicely and i’m sure it looks pretty nice for dancing.... For a full look i think it’s best to wear a Petticoat underneath it like i do. I think i wear a 25” petticoat.

The Roxy Glamour by Niccoco Creations

Wear a nice flower from Niccoco Creations with it and some matching earrings from Glitter Paradise and off you go sparkling all the way. I do my own hair and make up. You can see some new links in my sidebar on how to do this yourself. In my next posts i probably will write some more about make up and hair. Stay tuned for next week :)

50’s Style Confetti Lucite Dome Deep water from Glitter Paradise

Make it a wonderful weekend everyone!

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