July 06, 2014

Miss Fortune clothing matching Glitter Paradise

Quality above all

Hello everyone,

I will write a little bit about myself and how i transformed into an affordable kind of  "Design lady” this year. I always have been the photographer wanting high quality items and photos. Which is great. Actually i always liked very much vintage clothing and especially 50’s style. But i could never wear it myself, cause i was always the curvy lady with plus size....
Not that i want to be a Pinup lady myself, just loving all things vintage and classy!

So this year i decided to loose weight and go for healthy food and more outdoors activities. I cook everything myself...... 'a never made before' meal every day out of Cooking books or invent something myself. It’s quite a challenge to eat healthy, cause if you look at the grocery stores, it’s all with unrecognizable ingredients added, much fat, no vitamins and sugar bombs .

I bake my own bread, make my own pasta, bake sugarless cookies etc....I do have created a cookingblog recently where you can find new recipes which are only good for your health and waist.
There is translation available, since my blog is in dutch. Just easy to write in own language sometimes.

So for now, i lost over 15 kg and still going! Yes and i feel great! So great, that i started to wear some of my favorite dresses i had an eye on, that i never could before :-)

My very first dress i bought last month is from Miss Fortune. I asked her which size should i take and she helped me a lot. i’m so grateful people actually take time to make sure your new clothing fits your perfectly. I have a complete outfit with Cardigan, Handbag, jewelry, hairpiece etc. Well you know how it goes hehe.

Here is the first picture. I’m planning to take more pictures in the future as i just have ordered more dresses to wear this summer. And i’m already thinking about Autumn.

This dress is made for me and fits perfectly, a woman feels really pretty in this dress and elegant.

The belt i bought on Ebay, as i like the thick belts from the 50’s and it’s feels really steady in the waist. This is the Lady Luck dress by Miss Fortune in Cherries print. It’s really Rockabilly style and the fabric is high quality. The Sheri Cardigan (which is now in promotion) is a good match and is good for some colder days.
With cold, i mean 16 till 18 degrees and no sun :)

But i think i will wear this cardigan often as it feels so nice on the skin. it does not cover too much and covers enough on the other hand.

As i am a perfectionist i wanted to have the perfect jewelry and my good friend Glitter Paradise made the perfect cherries for me. She is such a sweetie and makes everything by hand. So it’s kinda unique in a way and i felt myself unique with this outfit as well.

Here is a picture of the jewelry she made for me and for the moment 
you can buy this set too at her webshop
This is a limited edition and so worth the buy x.

Me wearing it

Glitter Paradise also does custom orders, so you can choose own colors.
Don’t doubt and get this unique piece while you can.

That’s all for now, soon to be written more x


  1. I am sending you all my good luck and wishes!
    You look gorgeous in this dress. I love you make up and hair, you have such a dolly face. I envy you!

    1. Thank you so much my dear. Lovely to come visit my blog and leave a note, i kindly appreciate ^-^


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