July 22, 2014

Orchid Corsetry

Training the waist, Reshaping the body

Orchid Corsetry, it says a lot about them and will embody a different set of reactions and emotions in each and every owner, for some it is confidence, pride and sensuality. For others a corset is a set of delicately embellished armour that protects its wearer from the everyday. For everyone, it is an exotic pleasure unmatched in this world or the next.

Designer and creator Bethan Billingsley is the artistic force behind Orchid Corsetry, starting the company at the age of 19 after slavishly claiming her skills through years of self tuition and experimentation. The dawn often saw her stalking back to the sewing room. Too excited by an idea to sleep, and eager to test out her growing abilities. Her sought after work is inspired by a wealth of sources from classic gothic culture, strict Victorian silhouettes, early silver screen glamour and showgirls through the ages. With a background rich in fine art, Bethan draws from visual references as varied as Anselm Kiefer, Grayson Perry and Brian Froud, with a real penchant for the ethereal, mysterious and fragile world of fey.

Seven years on, Orchid has evolved from being a small local enterprise to being a globally recognized source of elaborate and captivating artistry within the discerning circle of corsetry aficionado’s. Returning clients clamour for new pieces, and newcomers eagerly await the arrival of their first Orchid Corsetry creation, a dream made flesh.
Each corset is crafted at the studio in Shrewsbury, gazing out at rooftop level over the chimney stacks of the medieval town. A space filled with afternoon sunlight through the summer, and a building steeped in local history- it even has its own ghost story.
Some pictures of my collaboration with Orchid Corsetry 
and the lovely DeathBird Model.
Model : DeathBird

Model : DeathBird

Model : DeathBird

Model : DeathBird

Model : DeathBird

A little bit of history

The corset has been an important article of clothing for several centuries, evolving as fashion trends have changed. Women, as well as some men, have used it to change the appearance of their bodies.The corset first became popular in sixteenth-century Europe, reaching the zenith of its popularity in the Victorian Era. 
Whether tight lacing was commonly practiced is unclear even though there are photographs that clearly show the practice did take place on occasion. These extremes were probably very rare and and there is some evidence that the practice has also been exaggerated. Extreme tight lacing e.g. reducing the waist to less than eighteen inches was probably practiced by very few people and was not as common as the fetish oriented literature from that time would suggest.

All this changed in the early years of the 20th century, which in part was probably due to the changing tole of women brought about by emancipation and perhaps just as significantly the first world war.
In the first world war women increasingly took on male roles in factory work and this also dictated a change in the garments that women traditionally wore. The corset became much lighter than previously, but was still considered essential and in fact was believed to be necessary to support women performing factory work. However, the garments themselves were somewhat lighter and benefited to some extent by the use of elastic material to support. As well as the more traditional cloth and steel supports. Suspenders also became and integral part of the corset design to assist in holding up stockings and instead of the solid shelf that had characterized the appearance of women’s breasts, the breasts became separated. In what was to become the forerunner of the modern brassiere.

The most revolutionary changes in women’s fashion came just after the war, with the new look created by Christian Doir. This was a return to the sharply differentiated female form with wide shoulders being matched with very tiny waists and fully fitted skirts.
In order to achieve this look many women had to wear very tight corsets to pull the waist and these were usually very short garments. Which restricted the waist but left the hips free.
Tight lacing was needed to get the look required and the garments must have been agony to wear.
it was common for these to be worn with a more conventional girdle underneath, but even so it is likely that only the very fashionable squeezed themselves into such a restricting garments regularly. The new look came in 1947.

July 11, 2014

Jazzafine matching Vintage Flaneur

Well this is really something worth to talk about

This year i have been in contact with many new people and it has been interesting so far. I got to now new designers, magazines, models and other artists.
I think handmade things still look the best. I will do some more reviews about designers soon ;-)

For now i will show you some amazing hairpieces a very special German Designer creates. I have not seen such unique pieces so far actually and they can come straight from an old Hollywood movie. They are perfect for your 30’s or 40’s outfit and of course the look is all that counts for a lady.

Matching a nice hairstyle, coat, gloves, shoes etc......
When you are looking for the perfect headpiece to finish your look, you search no further and take a look at Jazzafine. She also makes custom pieces and it’s always perfectly made. I have been working with her for my photoshoots and i must say....it looked superbe!

Here some examples of my shoot with Acid Doll, who is perfect to wear these beauties.

Go to Jazzafine website to see more of her designs.

Yes this is a great magazine to discover. It’s totally Vintage styled and really classy. Something you don’t see often lately. Vintage Flaneur is a magazine for a modern life with the 20’s to 50’s style.
It does not only present the outer beauty, but also inner beauty. So, for me they are the perfect match to represent the beautiful ladies wearing Jazzafine pieces ;-)
This Magazine is leaded by Miriam Dovermann and is a very sweet lady. So nice to meet such nice people these days :)

I have had the honor to represent their Special Wedding issue (June 2014) and yes we are on the Cover! The fact that they felt my pictures are perfect for their magazine, really is something amazing. So far i had only publishments in the USA, UK, Africa, Canada....well yes far abroad. This time it’s my country neighbour „Germany”!

Again with my collaboration with the ever sweet Acid Doll. All jewelry by Glitter Paradise (which i have done a review just before this post). 

So, here it is!

And another photo published inside from my earlier 20’s shoot.

For the moment you can get this fabby Vintage magazine everywhere at the stations in Germany and all Airports. If you can not make it to Germany, no worries.....you can order it online too 

July 06, 2014

Miss Fortune clothing matching Glitter Paradise

Quality above all

Hello everyone,

I will write a little bit about myself and how i transformed into an affordable kind of  "Design lady” this year. I always have been the photographer wanting high quality items and photos. Which is great. Actually i always liked very much vintage clothing and especially 50’s style. But i could never wear it myself, cause i was always the curvy lady with plus size....
Not that i want to be a Pinup lady myself, just loving all things vintage and classy!

So this year i decided to loose weight and go for healthy food and more outdoors activities. I cook everything myself...... 'a never made before' meal every day out of Cooking books or invent something myself. It’s quite a challenge to eat healthy, cause if you look at the grocery stores, it’s all with unrecognizable ingredients added, much fat, no vitamins and sugar bombs .

I bake my own bread, make my own pasta, bake sugarless cookies etc....I do have created a cookingblog recently where you can find new recipes which are only good for your health and waist.
There is translation available, since my blog is in dutch. Just easy to write in own language sometimes.

So for now, i lost over 15 kg and still going! Yes and i feel great! So great, that i started to wear some of my favorite dresses i had an eye on, that i never could before :-)

My very first dress i bought last month is from Miss Fortune. I asked her which size should i take and she helped me a lot. i’m so grateful people actually take time to make sure your new clothing fits your perfectly. I have a complete outfit with Cardigan, Handbag, jewelry, hairpiece etc. Well you know how it goes hehe.

Here is the first picture. I’m planning to take more pictures in the future as i just have ordered more dresses to wear this summer. And i’m already thinking about Autumn.

This dress is made for me and fits perfectly, a woman feels really pretty in this dress and elegant.

The belt i bought on Ebay, as i like the thick belts from the 50’s and it’s feels really steady in the waist. This is the Lady Luck dress by Miss Fortune in Cherries print. It’s really Rockabilly style and the fabric is high quality. The Sheri Cardigan (which is now in promotion) is a good match and is good for some colder days.
With cold, i mean 16 till 18 degrees and no sun :)

But i think i will wear this cardigan often as it feels so nice on the skin. it does not cover too much and covers enough on the other hand.

As i am a perfectionist i wanted to have the perfect jewelry and my good friend Glitter Paradise made the perfect cherries for me. She is such a sweetie and makes everything by hand. So it’s kinda unique in a way and i felt myself unique with this outfit as well.

Here is a picture of the jewelry she made for me and for the moment 
you can buy this set too at her webshop
This is a limited edition and so worth the buy x.

Me wearing it

Glitter Paradise also does custom orders, so you can choose own colors.
Don’t doubt and get this unique piece while you can.

That’s all for now, soon to be written more x

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