January 01, 2013

Looking back with Pride!

Hello everyone,
I want to wish you all a very Happy New year,
May all your dreams & aspirations come true this 2013. 
Stay Positive and enjoy every single day!

I could not sleep last night, cause of the excitement of the new Year and my Cold is also a party breaker ofcourse.......The new year has started! 

I have had an amazing year with so many publishments and really nice Photoshoots. It has been a pleasure to work with all of you models, stylists, designers, Make up artists, hotels, Nostalgic Cars and publishers. So, thank you to everyone who made it happen and the new friendships I got.

To freshen up your minds, i want to add some of my favorite shots here. That does not mean I don't like the other shoots I did, but hey everyone has some favorite shots I believe and that's totally ok :-)

My top 10 of 2012 

I already have a lot of new ideas for this year and I'm sure that every single one of them will be worth it. Soon new shoots will pop up or publishments, cause I have some new surprises in mind for you :-)
Sure i will not dissapoint you, since i promised myself to do mostly Pinup shoots. Yes you read it right, in some exceptional circumstances i shoot something else, but my heart is with everything related to Pinup 'Vintage or Modern'.

This year I'm going to take some challenges and I want to thank everyone who keeps saying to me they like my photos that much or the people who are constantly follow up all my posts etc. You are an amazing support and i really appreciate all the emails, facebook mails and comments. It keeps me motivated to keep doing what I do.

You are all so awesome and thank you for being there!


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