November 26, 2012

Retro Lovely magazine

The new digital editions!

Today is Cyber Monday, how i love it! It's an appropriate day to announce the new digital editions of Retro Lovely magazine. Some time ago they announced that they do not ship the mag outside Europe anymore and I'm sure many people were disssapointed about that.

So this is good news to still follow up the most exclusive Pinups in this very well known and one of the biggest Pinup magazines of the USA. As of right now issues No.1 through No.4 are available in digital form.
More will be added in the following weeks they say. And taking a 1 year digital subscription is the best present someone can have and not to miss any issue anymore........why wait? subscribe now!!

Their regular issues are without question the largest collections of pinup imagery you will find today, unless you're looking at buying a book and often people will remark that Retro Lovely is closer to a book, than a magazine. 

So exceptional has its launch been that the first two issues have virtually sold out with remaining inventory soon to be reserved for first printing boxed sets. Retro Lovely Magazine is the without equal. Do support other pinup magazines, each is unique and has something different to offer. But start your collection with each issue of Retro Lovely, they are the ones you'll return to again and again.

I also want to mention that when issues 5 and 6 are also available at Magzter, you will find my photos inside as well of the lovelies Deathbird and Vicky Lievens.

Issue 5

Issue 6

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