November 19, 2012

Bambino Amore

 Hello darlin's,

Cooking cooking cooking baking baking, we women have to cook every day (well, most of us do). So we all want to look fabulous while we create the meal our hubbies are melting for hehe.........why not wear a cute and naughty apron to show that 'you are the woman in the kitchen and you are worth melting for too'.

Some time ago Dotsdiner announced she will close down her shop, I can not tell you how dissapointed I was to hear that. She was one of the best Apron designers I know, so she did a sale and putted her remaining inventory on Etsy and I was able (and fast enough) to buy one of her marvelous aprons for a Dinershoot which I have planned for 2013. She also sold all of her fabric, shipping supplies, dress form, petticoats, lingerie, and other stuff. Just heavenly to pay so less for such high quality items! Thank you Dottie and I wish you good luck with the love of your life!

 Now, don't you worry you missed it all.....
it seems that she has a follow up.

BAMBINO AMORE with 100% ORIGINAL aprons that make a woman feel confident & beautiful while performing the most mundane tasks around the house AND simply spectacular while hosting parties. Their aprons are SPECIFICALLY designed to salute & celebrate the modern woman by drawing inspiration from the past. How great is that!
In the following days she will add more items on her shop, They have made these aprons so very cute you are going to die!

Bookmark this Etsy shop, so you can follow up their new aprons :

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