September 17, 2012

What's in a kiss?

Lips and Love

It's something we all have and maybe sometimes we give to less attention on them, especially we 'women'.
Their are different kind of lips. look at them, feel them : are they overhanging, peanut shaped, or do you have permant puckers (always prepared, full of hope)?
Whatever they look like, decorate them and feel sexy. The first thing a man will look at, not the boops. it's mostly the lips first. Sexy lips makes a woman attractive.

Already centuries ago we had connection to eachother through kissing and sexy and wet looking lips. When you talk to someone, try to realize if you are following the lips also, i'm sure you do. reading lips is also a part of having interaction with eachother. So the lips do or say it all.

So, which type are you?
leave a relaxing lip print on a paper and look at it, 
or can't you shut up long enough to leave one? LOL

Look at these powerfull photos from back into the 40's and 50's.
News photographers are always urged to write detailed captions about their photos, and with good reason, cause the lips say it all.
The most famous photograph of Times Square is surely Alfred Eisenstaedt’s chestnut of the kissing couple, which summed up the national mood in 1945 because it combined all the right elements: the returning soldier, the woman who welcomed him back and Times Square, the crossroads that symbolized home.

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