September 11, 2012

Polaroid double exposure

Not impossible indeed!

What a wonderful and funny day it was yesterday :-)

I had another shoot in my studio and it was no cheesecake or romantic pinup this time. I wanted to have a challenge of photographing a completely tattooed girl and adding the influence of Pinup in a way that suits her. This was Katy Gold. she's well known in the Netherlands and she is a very nice and funny girl!

What better theme for her than a painted faced "Day of the dead"! This was perfectly done by Sarina Mannaert. A young woman who is very busy and still in education, but managed to make some free time to work out this themed shoot. It was nasty :D

The jewelry and hairflowers were ofcourse provided and especially made for us from Glitter Paradise. What would I do without her? :-)

Since I was always interested in Polaroids and new techniques + the challenge of making a good Impossible project photo made me experiment with this in the studio. Everything was there, a little bit of light adjustment 'which means you turn the manual light button on the camera completely low' make sure your subject catches enough light to not to completely underexpose / blacken the pic. Since you are going to expose the film twice, it means you would overexpose the photo...............therefore the adjustment.
Giving some instructions on how to pose and then just click the button and we hear the noice bzzzziiii.
I guess it's easier to shoot IMP films inside than outside, unless you have a good shade system for when the photo comes out of the box. skylight is really kiling a polaroid photo. How marvelous it is when you take one, when light reaches the photo, it's ruined!

This is a double exposure taken with a Polaroid Spectra 1200. It's great way to show some spooky photos.

Who says this is not spooky? :p


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