September 07, 2012

A vintage inspired Christmas

I just Loooooove Christmas!

Decorative Rita Hayworth
Creating a warm and cosy home, the fire glowing candles flickering and the smell of Christmas makes it the most festive time of the year.

Vintage Style Christmas decorations are so much in demand this year as we look to capture the mood and essence of days gone by and to retrieve our nostalgic memories.
We grew up with Christmas, it makes us feel loved, cause of all the presents we get and at this time family comes together and we try to forget all our problems to make it a wonderful holiday.
It's pure nostalgica and a magical time for children. 

The days are cold, dark and windy.....inside it's so cosy and warm, we decorate our homes, make some tasty food and memories play a huge part in creating atmosphere in the evening with a glass of wine or beer. It was no different 50 years ago. 

Still we don't accept todays items and search for vintage things who remember us at those days when we were young, had no problems (besides some girly stuff like whether we would go to a party or not and whith who'm :-)
We did not have to get up at 6 in the morning to do a 9 to 5 job and we could lay on the beach in summer all day long, cause we had 2 months summer break or go to the movies with money we did not have to earn ourselfs. My goodness, I wish i was a teenager again :D
Here we are, 20 years later and a complete other age with computer who plays the headpart in a movie. without internet, no social life. but who says we did not have a social life 20 years ago? It just went different, we phoned and visited eachother more or we had a drink in a café. I think people should do that more often again.

Well, to not to bore you more with these 'old lady stories', here are some pics from Vintage christmases with a nostalgic feeling who makes us dream back to those days.

Festive Ann Miller
Playful Esther Williams

Paulette Goddard unwrapping presents

The lovely Dita in Christmasmood

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