September 04, 2012

40's red Lipstick Oona Noir

Hi all,

Anyone who is interested in a real 40's red Lipstick with long lasting effect, I can tell you.........i found the right one for you!
For my birthday I gave myself a new lipstick from Julie Hewett (from Los Angeles). It was not easy to choose for the right color, eventually I have chosen for Oona Noir from the special Noir collection which was created especially for the "Pearl Harbor" movie, so Kate Beckinsale would look gorgeous.
She developed her line out of necessity while on the set of the film. Julie needed to create her own line of long-lasting Technicolor red lipsticks because of the period of time the film was recreating. Do you remember the gorgeous lip colors from the 1940’s? Now try to find those colors made with today’s natural ingredients. Impossible? No! Julie Hewett created classic film noir colors, which are ageless, timeless and for every woman who thought they could never wear red lipstick, this is the line for you!

It's some kind of old red with a blue undertone. still very soft on the face and my face is pale. This highly triple pigmented, long-lasting lipstick from Julie Hewett features nourishing oils of rosebud and camellia, to moisturize as it beautifies, preventing chapping and keeping your smile supple. Enjoy gorgeous color that lasts for hours with no need to reapply, and a super smooth texture that won’t dry out. Make it a pair with the matching liner and you are a star!

It looks kind of dark when you see it in the fabulous golden tube, which looks really glamorous as well, but once on the lips it's really nice and soft red.
The Noir Collection is a full line of reds and they come in two versions- matte and sheer. The matte lipsticks give a dramatic full coverage. although I don't have them in my collection. the sheer ones are the more glamorous ones.
Oona Noir has the potential to look good on most. Despite the sheer and comfortable formula.

Though the lip pencil is pretty sharp and I would love to have a more dull point. Therefore I like the lip pencils of Besamé cosmetics more which are more softer.
Oona Noir is named after Charlie Chaplin’s wife who always wore red lipstick.

To purchase Julie Hewett product log on to, enter the site and click on "locations" to find a retail store nearest you or to purchase directly on line.


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