September 17, 2012

What's in a kiss?

Lips and Love

It's something we all have and maybe sometimes we give to less attention on them, especially we 'women'.
Their are different kind of lips. look at them, feel them : are they overhanging, peanut shaped, or do you have permant puckers (always prepared, full of hope)?
Whatever they look like, decorate them and feel sexy. The first thing a man will look at, not the boops. it's mostly the lips first. Sexy lips makes a woman attractive.

Already centuries ago we had connection to eachother through kissing and sexy and wet looking lips. When you talk to someone, try to realize if you are following the lips also, i'm sure you do. reading lips is also a part of having interaction with eachother. So the lips do or say it all.

So, which type are you?
leave a relaxing lip print on a paper and look at it, 
or can't you shut up long enough to leave one? LOL

Look at these powerfull photos from back into the 40's and 50's.
News photographers are always urged to write detailed captions about their photos, and with good reason, cause the lips say it all.
The most famous photograph of Times Square is surely Alfred Eisenstaedt’s chestnut of the kissing couple, which summed up the national mood in 1945 because it combined all the right elements: the returning soldier, the woman who welcomed him back and Times Square, the crossroads that symbolized home.

September 11, 2012

Polaroid double exposure

Not impossible indeed!

What a wonderful and funny day it was yesterday :-)

I had another shoot in my studio and it was no cheesecake or romantic pinup this time. I wanted to have a challenge of photographing a completely tattooed girl and adding the influence of Pinup in a way that suits her. This was Katy Gold. she's well known in the Netherlands and she is a very nice and funny girl!

What better theme for her than a painted faced "Day of the dead"! This was perfectly done by Sarina Mannaert. A young woman who is very busy and still in education, but managed to make some free time to work out this themed shoot. It was nasty :D

The jewelry and hairflowers were ofcourse provided and especially made for us from Glitter Paradise. What would I do without her? :-)

Since I was always interested in Polaroids and new techniques + the challenge of making a good Impossible project photo made me experiment with this in the studio. Everything was there, a little bit of light adjustment 'which means you turn the manual light button on the camera completely low' make sure your subject catches enough light to not to completely underexpose / blacken the pic. Since you are going to expose the film twice, it means you would overexpose the photo...............therefore the adjustment.
Giving some instructions on how to pose and then just click the button and we hear the noice bzzzziiii.
I guess it's easier to shoot IMP films inside than outside, unless you have a good shade system for when the photo comes out of the box. skylight is really kiling a polaroid photo. How marvelous it is when you take one, when light reaches the photo, it's ruined!

This is a double exposure taken with a Polaroid Spectra 1200. It's great way to show some spooky photos.

Who says this is not spooky? :p


September 07, 2012

A vintage inspired Christmas

I just Loooooove Christmas!

Decorative Rita Hayworth
Creating a warm and cosy home, the fire glowing candles flickering and the smell of Christmas makes it the most festive time of the year.

Vintage Style Christmas decorations are so much in demand this year as we look to capture the mood and essence of days gone by and to retrieve our nostalgic memories.
We grew up with Christmas, it makes us feel loved, cause of all the presents we get and at this time family comes together and we try to forget all our problems to make it a wonderful holiday.
It's pure nostalgica and a magical time for children. 

The days are cold, dark and windy.....inside it's so cosy and warm, we decorate our homes, make some tasty food and memories play a huge part in creating atmosphere in the evening with a glass of wine or beer. It was no different 50 years ago. 

Still we don't accept todays items and search for vintage things who remember us at those days when we were young, had no problems (besides some girly stuff like whether we would go to a party or not and whith who'm :-)
We did not have to get up at 6 in the morning to do a 9 to 5 job and we could lay on the beach in summer all day long, cause we had 2 months summer break or go to the movies with money we did not have to earn ourselfs. My goodness, I wish i was a teenager again :D
Here we are, 20 years later and a complete other age with computer who plays the headpart in a movie. without internet, no social life. but who says we did not have a social life 20 years ago? It just went different, we phoned and visited eachother more or we had a drink in a café. I think people should do that more often again.

Well, to not to bore you more with these 'old lady stories', here are some pics from Vintage christmases with a nostalgic feeling who makes us dream back to those days.

Festive Ann Miller
Playful Esther Williams

Paulette Goddard unwrapping presents

The lovely Dita in Christmasmood

September 04, 2012

40's red Lipstick Oona Noir

Hi all,

Anyone who is interested in a real 40's red Lipstick with long lasting effect, I can tell you.........i found the right one for you!
For my birthday I gave myself a new lipstick from Julie Hewett (from Los Angeles). It was not easy to choose for the right color, eventually I have chosen for Oona Noir from the special Noir collection which was created especially for the "Pearl Harbor" movie, so Kate Beckinsale would look gorgeous.
She developed her line out of necessity while on the set of the film. Julie needed to create her own line of long-lasting Technicolor red lipsticks because of the period of time the film was recreating. Do you remember the gorgeous lip colors from the 1940’s? Now try to find those colors made with today’s natural ingredients. Impossible? No! Julie Hewett created classic film noir colors, which are ageless, timeless and for every woman who thought they could never wear red lipstick, this is the line for you!

It's some kind of old red with a blue undertone. still very soft on the face and my face is pale. This highly triple pigmented, long-lasting lipstick from Julie Hewett features nourishing oils of rosebud and camellia, to moisturize as it beautifies, preventing chapping and keeping your smile supple. Enjoy gorgeous color that lasts for hours with no need to reapply, and a super smooth texture that won’t dry out. Make it a pair with the matching liner and you are a star!

It looks kind of dark when you see it in the fabulous golden tube, which looks really glamorous as well, but once on the lips it's really nice and soft red.
The Noir Collection is a full line of reds and they come in two versions- matte and sheer. The matte lipsticks give a dramatic full coverage. although I don't have them in my collection. the sheer ones are the more glamorous ones.
Oona Noir has the potential to look good on most. Despite the sheer and comfortable formula.

Though the lip pencil is pretty sharp and I would love to have a more dull point. Therefore I like the lip pencils of Besamé cosmetics more which are more softer.
Oona Noir is named after Charlie Chaplin’s wife who always wore red lipstick.

To purchase Julie Hewett product log on to, enter the site and click on "locations" to find a retail store nearest you or to purchase directly on line.


September 01, 2012

The Sophia Loren collection

Her glory days

Lionsgate has released a 4-film collection of Sophia Loren titles that is as ecclectic as it is entertaining. This collection demonstrates why Loren remains one of the true living legends of the film industry, as the full range of her exceptional talents is on display. The four films are:

Attila- this 1954 sword-and-sandal epic pairs Loren with Anthony Quinn, who portrays the legendary hun. The movie boasts an exceptionally intelligent script, with young Loren cast as a conniving Roman beauty who seeks to betray her crumbling empire by seducing Attila. Presented in Italian language with sub-titles, the movie has outstanding production values and performances, and feature truly epic battles though the last scene is marred by a religious message that goes a bit over-the-top. Nonetheless, the movie is a reminder of why Italy led the world in the post-war European cinema.

CAROSELLO NAPOLETANO presents Loren in one of her first films, a 1953 musical homage to the folk and musical traditions of Naples. The Italian language film is an acquired taste that won't appeal to everyone, but I found it fascinating. To see a big budget musical made in the aftermath of the devastation Italy suffered in WWII, is quite remarkable. (The exterior sequences make no attempt to mask the bombed-out buildings that still abounded everywhere.) Most of the film consists of unrelated short musical numbers built on Neopolitan myths and legends and features exceptionally impressive sets and costumes. Loren, who was only starting her career, is featured in a musical number that is probably the most impressive sequence in the movie.

Young Sophia on her way to international superstardom. 
MADAME SANS-GENE- I can recall seeing this movie on its American release in 1962 (under the title Madame) when I was all of six years old. I hadn't seen it since, but I always recalled the memorable sequence of Loren and Robert Hossein making a humorous escape from a windmill in which they have been imprisoned. The Napoleonic era comedy features Loren as a peasant laundress who is elevated to royalty through her tempestuous marriage to a bumbling solider who wins the favor of Napoleon. The French language production is presented with sub-titles and features a remarkably funny performance by Loren, who eschews the snobbery of the royal court to wreak havoc by exposing the society types as the hypocrites and phonies they are. Loren and Hossein have wonderful chemistry and the movie also benefits from extravagant production values and a very witty script. There are also plenty of scenes with Loren's sweat-drenched cleavage on display to insure commercial viability. (Viva le difference!)

I GIRASOLI- This 1970 film, released in English-language territories as Sunflower, reunited Loren with director Vittorio De Sica, whose Two Women had earned Loren her Best Actress Oscar in 1962. The movie is an under-rated gem on every level and pairs Loren with her favorite co-star Marcello Mastroianni with whom she would make ten films. The two give remarkable performances in a lovely film that never stops surprising the viewer. It begins in Italy during WWII with Mastroianni becoming the reluctant bridegroom of Loren simply to buy a few day's leave in able to forestall being sent to combat. He ends up falling madly in love with her, but is ultimately sent to the Russian Front. Up to this point, the movie is a charming and funny romance. However, it soon turns into a riveting drama when Mastroianni is declared missing in action. Loren is haunted by his absence and years after the war, makes a fateful trip to Russia to search for him - only to learn a shocking secret that affects her life forever. Why this film isn't regarded as among De Sica's best works is truly puzzling. The script is consistently engrossing with the two leads giving superb perrformances. De Sica also managed to get extraordinary footage inside the Soviet Union, which was quite an achievement at the height of the Cold War. The love story is set to a lush and romantic score by Henry Mancini that ranks among his best work. The film is presented in Italian language with sub-titles.

The only extra is a well-made featurette that centers on Loren's work, primarily in the four films presented in the collection. The great lady herself is not present, but her two sons are and give some interesting insights into how their mother managed to give them a normal upbringing despite her being an icon of the international cinema. Put this set on your must-have list. - Lee Pfeiffer


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