August 28, 2012

Pretty pretty pretty!

Hi all,

I have been almost dying to get a Lux De Ville Train case since last year and finally I could find one in Lime green! :-)

Very hard to find these days and even harder to find them in Europe, they are sold out everywhere!
My gosh, this is really very wanted and i can understand why. It's retro, good looking, has vibrant colors, very good quality and a woman can put all of her pretty make up things in it. It makes me want to get dolled up every day :-)

It's wonderfully girlie with it's hot green exterior and sexy leopard print interior, love love love.....

 They offer several colors like pink, red, lime, leopard and black. I definitely wanted to have the lime green one, cause it looks so fresh.
Making fabulous handbags is there business and they are good at it.

These vinyl train cases will turn heads wherever it goes and feature a sturdy handle and closure, pull out tray with compartments and pop up mirror and leopard satin lining. Case measures approx 13" x 9.5" and 6.5" deep, with feet to protect the bottom. Very rare these days. so get yours before they are completely sold out!

Wishing you all the best!!

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