July 29, 2012


On the Flyer of de la Rockin' Pin Up Party in Nice with Liz Chérie
Yeah, let's ROCK baby!!

Car showed is from Nostalgic cars : www.nostalgic-cars.be


Here it is, published on friday the 13th of July 2012.
The newest issue of Zoom.nl magazine with me "In the Picture" 

+ 9 photos + huge interview about me.
Get yours now at : www.zoom.nl
Or you can buy your own copy in your local stores like 'De standaard Bookshop', carrefour, Delhaize etc :-)


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July 08, 2012

40's Pin Up Couture

The best things in life, are not just things.

I love this style of the 40's, it has something cheery and teasy. it was the age of the upcoming red lipsticks and sophisticated ladies.
As women's skirts and dresses became shorter to save on fabric, legs emerged as the most prominent and desirable feature of the 1940's.
To save on shoe leather, peep toe's and T-straps became fashionable. The color red became very popular, though Eye make up was kept fairly tame. Nail color generally matched a women's lipstick color.

High waist swimsuits, Victory rolls, Hair bands, red lips, white skin, Lucky strike cigarettes, high round sweetheart small collars, Oxford, pumps and Sandals where the order of the day.

Ofcourse the woman who would go to work had to be dressed differentely. After 1945 womens dress code changed dramatically from the trim waist and hips ,broad chest and shoulder pads with shoulder-length curled or rolled hair, with hats to the New Look !

Last but not least, Nylons!
It was not commonly available during the war, now a standard piece of the women's bussines world.
The inventor was a man! That discovery in 1935, laid the foundations for more research and in 1939, DuPont introduced nylon at the World’s Fair in New York. On May 15, 1940, the first nylon stockings appeared in stores in New York. On the first day, 780,000 pair were sold. Why so many? Women’s liberation, of course. It was now socially acceptable for women to show their legs and the new, sheer fabric was the perfect stocking to go with the shorter skirts.


Today, many women choose to go bare-legged, which i think takes away from the glamour of the sophisticated lady, and lessens the allure and imagination that men surely need. I would love to see the Nylon Age come back soon with a bang...Especially the typical ones with the black line on the back of the leg :-)

July 04, 2012

4th of July

Hi darlings,

Isn't this a great day or what?! It's independence day.....oh yeah.
Last sunday I arranged a Military shoot in 40's style not far from my home after I contacted Thierry Peeters which was in the newspaper to promote his fabulous hobby. Collecting everything from Army material in vintage times. it was marvelous, funny and exciting to do.

Actually this guy is made to pose for these days and he should do that more often. He had this amazing Willy's jeep and original clothing and props which was perfect to shoot with!
It was partly a duoshoot and that's always nice to capture their conversations while they do not notice it hehe.

All I can say now is that it was a great day full of memories, just like the 4th of July. the vibe was there, the light was there and the fun was there. What more did we need?

So here are some results to look at. Make it a wonderful day.

I Salute You!


Miss Independence Nikki Barrager (USA)
Thierry Peeters from Belgium
Photography, hair and concept by Damona-Art
A big thanks to Thierry Peeters and his wife for their Jeep and props!
The Patton Drivers : www.leuvencentraal.com

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