June 27, 2012

Shoot Sexy

 Photography in the Digital Age

Are you a model, photographer, stylist etc......then this book of Ryan Armbrust is really interesting for anyone who wants to look or shoot sexy!

I bought it recently and I must say that it is pretty interesting to look into. There are differences in shooting sexy I believe and i always like to do that in a descent way. therefore it's not always easy to find the right poses and props to do so.

The Pinup look made famous on WWII Bombers and in the 50's has become a timeless classic. That is now undergoing a revival through Digital Photography.
Along side the rapid growth of the Boudoir genre - Also covered in this book - The Retro Pinup look is an increasingly popular request from models.

This Book will show you all how to achieve it. Whether you're shooting professionaly or just for fun.
There are also some galleries of 5 well known Pinup photographers featured in this book on how they work and how they have become Pinup photographers like : Celeste Giuliano, Melanie Benson, Holly West, Edson Carlos, Michael Bann (which runs Retro Lovely Magazine) and Angela Morales. There are many other good photographers which are not mentioned here. but I'm sure you will find them all in Retro Lovely magazine :-)

I believe - Achieving the Pinup look is not a trend, but a Lifestyle - 
and shows then it's best results.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this tip, now I know what to ask for my birthday :)


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