June 01, 2012



Finally it's there, the cover we were waiting for since 2 months.
We knew it would take that long,
but sometimes it can be so hard to wait haha.
This shoot took place in 'Black Carousel Studio'
which i decorated at home and it was a pleasure to do.
still it did not help the sun to come out here :-)

We are so proud to be in it and I want to thank Gwendolyn Graves for all the work she did to finish it on time. You will see more pics soon, 
but you can already order the magazine here as from now : http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/394924

On the Cover of Drive In magazine (USA) issue 9, May 2012
with our hawaiian girl playing with the Ukulele Acid Doll
Interview inside of her + Special Tiki Pictures !
It's their Tiki and Swimsuit special edition!

Jewellery and Hairflower by Glitter Paradise
Swimsuit by Pinup girl clothing

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