May 20, 2012

Gil Elvgren, a source of inspiration

THE Pin Up Artist!

Elvgren was the best pin-up artist in the history of American Illustration.
and his talent was prolific enough and important enough to support a major book. His influence, both as an artist and a teacher was extensive.
After the publication of "The Great American Pinup" the requests for more of his work were overwhelming.

  1. I believe it can be safely stated, without argument, that Gil Elvgren was and continues to be the best pin-up artist the world has ever known. Approximately a quarter of a million people worldwide have already viewed the works of all seventy-seven artists of this genre through the book "The Great American Pin-up". If they were asked to cast a vote for top artist, I am certain that Elvgren would receive the clear majority.

2. From the mid 1930's through 1972, Elvgren produced over five hundred paintings of beautiful girls and women. Almost all of these works are oilo on canvas, and fully developed finished works of art. Elvgren continually surpassed himself, always improving in ideas, composition, color, and technique.

3. As the years passed, Elvgren's influence was felt by dozens of younger artists who apprenticed with him, studied his work, or otherwise sought to emulate "the master". He not only influenced artists working in the pin-up tradition and other illustrators, but he also had an effect on the career of one of the Pop artists, Mel Ramos. The Photorealist painter John Kacere knew Elvgren and also credits him with personal inspiration.

4. After "The Great American Pin-up" was published and distributed worldwide in English, French and German, they had an overwhelming response to Elvgren, including constant requests to see more of his work. It has always been their  intension to honor this great artist, and the outpouring of admiration only spurred us on.
You can buy the book HERE

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