April 25, 2012

Do the Pincurl

You will be surprised with the result.

It has been a while since I wrote something here, but I hope that will better soon.
I'm always interested in new techniques, as in hairstyling or photography skills. As you know I'm a formal hairdresser and that gives me some advantages in hairstyling for my models.
I also try some new techniques on my own hair and that's interesting to do, not only do i look good every time I try something new, it's also good for learning from my mistakes hehe.

Well, here you can see how I pincurled my hair. it's easy to do actually and only takes me about a half an hour to do. make sure you cover the pincurles at night while sleeping, otherwise they won't stay put. I use a small net at night and a scarf in the evening so not everyone sees me with a net in my hair haha.

The advantage of a hairnet is that your hair can nicely dry while sleeping, since a scarf can keep you hair a bit moist in the morning, since not enough air can reach it in bed to dry. It can also be interesting to use a hairdryer for about 15 minutes when you just pincurled it, so the hair is not to wet for your pillow, especially with colored hair..................else your pillow will have a nice new color in the morning 'lol'.
Don't do this with really wet hair. let dry the hair a bit in a natural way till it's only moist, then pincurl it.

It's an old way to have some fabulous curly hair for a sophisticated Lady going to a party or event, for me the best way so far. also for a good night sleep instead of using rollers :-)


Result with Pincurl
This Orchid hairflower is from Sophisticated lady accessoiries

Do not look at the quality of the photos, since they are only taken with my Smartphone. the person is me :-)

Have a wonderful day darlings!!

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