March 16, 2012

Black Carousel Photo-Studio

Hello Darlings,

Well as you all know I have been thinking about a name for my Studio. It's created to express the themes I have in mind and as the studio gives me such a nice home-feeling I felt it should get a name. This really represents my Carousel of life.....from macro to modelshoots and more.

Meet 'Black Carousel Photo-Studio'

This is no "Professional making money business" Studio. it's my playground where I organize a shoot once in a while for my port and to express my inspirational ideas, it has a nice and cosy atmosphere which is important to me and the models need to feel comfy in their surrounding ofcourse.

Since 2010 I started photographing people and now I became more a Pinup photographer over the last months, which doesnt mean there aren't going to be any fantasyshoots anymore or who knows what comes across my mind in this Black carousel atmosphere.
I like it and it gives me some kind of freedom not to arrange shoots on location every time with the necessary stress of the room not ready on time etc.

Shooting in the studio has its needs, only using a plain background is not enough. This Tiki theme-corner has been the most drastic transformation so far in the studio. Thanks to my husband who helped me with that, he can follow up instructions really well, but i'm a bossy type also hehe :-)

With Spring around the corner I think I will enjoy a cocktail in my Tiki hut now :D

For the moment I'm on a short modelshoot-break to enjoy other things in life and for creating some more ideas with my Muse......

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