February 28, 2012

Great Collaboration

Hello Darlings,

As you know i like to shoot Pinups, i had another Pinup shoot last Friday with the sweet DeathBird. It was not sure if I was able to shoot, while I was really sick. But many people are sick right now.....that's wintertime.
Still we did the shoot that was planned, however in delirium, but it had it's effects hehe. For the first time I used a white background for our theme in the studio (St.Patrick's Day), an Irish theme that is not so famous in Belgium.
I collected my Pot of Gold and worked together with designers again. Livia (DeathBird) and I work really well together and we had lots of fun, but I didn't expect anything else.

She also brought a purple corset with her and we managed to make something out of it on my black wall. I had a purple hairflower lily of Torture Couture and a hairnet with pearls in my Vanity and was in a creative mood to do something different.
Drama drama drama we like :-)
I can't tell you all our secrets, but it was a succes!

Here is a preview of what we have made so far.
more is coming up soon on my website......1 hint >> Pasties :p
Thanks to Desert Orchid Design Corsetry for the marvelous corsets and Color-me-bad for the smashing green glitter Bordello shoes!

All photos are copyrighted.

February 02, 2012

New year, new ideas, new dreams

New ideas

2012 seems to be promising with some new fantastic shoots and ideas. New publishments are coming up and even covershots for magazines.
How much better can the year starts?
I wish everyone a hell of a good year and that all your dreams may come true!

I have created a new "Press page" to show you my news/press and publications. the other page became too long and I think it's best to make a new one every year.

Last week I already worked on a new Pinup shoot with the French model Tina Vonnekro and many designers. It's Valentine themed and the only thing that I can tell you that it was very succesful. the photos will show up soon and i'm very proud to have created them.
Ofcourse also on the people who worked with me on this. it's thanks to the lovely models, designers, hairstylists, mua's etc that we can make these kind of shots.

I'm sure 2012 will bring a lot more and let me be an inspiration to you......

Corset by Serinde-Corsets


Small teaser : Dress by Inner Sanctum

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