November 09, 2011

A Vanity's Dream

 If this isn't a nice thing to have, then nothing is.

I think little girls dream about this, but not only little girls hehe. this is the perfect Boudoir for a sophisticated Lady who adores the Vintage and Retro feeling. A woman who wants to look good, just needs this set!
Most of us do not give too much attention in dressing up our dressing areas not realizing that this area plays an important role in our daily routine. 

Before we start our day, this is the place where we spend a lot of time preparing ourselves for the day we will be looking forward to. For this reason alone, I think we should really plan on what to put in this area.

Vanity tables are usually customized to our choices. We may need one that has a lot of drawers where we could put our accessories, perfume, lotion, make-up and other things we use to make ourselves beautiful and looking good.
A nice Dressing table Brush/Mirror set is also a must.
So, ladies.......spoil yourselves and be a sophisticated Lady :-)

Dressing table Mirror/brush sets
just some examples of what you can find


  1. I would like to know where to buy the top vanity :)

    1. I wouldn't know it Marisela, I got the photos from internet. Sorry i can't help you dear.

  2. I love the pink vanity set, it fits perfectly for adults and teens!

  3. Love this !

    Hugs from Paris


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