November 14, 2011

Style me Vintage, by Belinda Hay

Easy step-by-step techniques for creating 
Classic Hairstyles

Well it's almost that time of the year again where hubbies don't know what to give to their sweethearts. search no longer, I know this is the perfect gift for your lady :-)

This book is a step-by-step guide for achieving the most wanted looks, from a Brigitte Bardot Beehive to a Rita Hayworth curl.
This Lady knows what she's doing and keeps east end hipsters looking retro for a living. She owns a Salon in Shoreditch (UK) which calls "The Painted Lady".
From nails to Make-up, cutting to coloring.....her stylists are seriously skilled and the salon itself is pretty unique.

Vintage Hairstyling makes ladies feel like visiting a decadent parlour between the 20's and 50's, where lipstick and fancy curles became more and more a trend.
Wearing some light make-up during the day, introducing the new age of a lady who wants to look fancy and transforms into a glamorous lady with red lips, curly hair and a nice eveningdress to please her boy and to swing all night long with her long lasting hairstyle.

The techniques used for creating these hairstyles, once taken for granted, are now fading from modern girl's repertoires. Therefore this book is perfect to practice these hairstyles step-by-step to look as glamorous as the ladies back then.....

You can buy this book from amazon or I think Fnac shop schould have it too.
I just wish I lived in London :p


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