November 29, 2011

How to be a Pinup model

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I received a very nice DVD which I ordered 2 weeks ago or so from World Dance New York Studio, you can buy this DVD at Amazon too. I just had to look at it today and i'm glad I did. For a Pinup photographer and partly Hairstylist this is the best DVD to look at and learn. it's called "How to be a Pinup model" release your inner bombshell!

It's a unique instructional program celebrating female curves, positive self-image and playful spirit with two outstanding stars of vintage/alternative modeling and burlesque artists Go-Go Amy and Bettina May. Alluring vintage pinup girl looks are now at the fingertips of any woman fortunate enough to lay her hands on this treasure chest of hair and makeup tutorials, modeling tricks, styling ideas, and inspirational guidance. To quote our instructors, ''Pinup modeling is a body-positive experience. Glamour has no age, height, or size requirements. All you need is a good attitude and a little glitter.''

photo by HYPNOX

Creating your own pinup look is addictive!.... it is an experience of emotional discovery, bringing you closer to your truly feminine, always hopeful, ageless, resourceful, and down-to-earth core.
The vintage-look lore, grandma''s secrets, and the spot-on helpful modern advice generously offered by Bettina May and Go-Go Amy, as well as the authenticity of their material, the depth their historical awareness and their inventiveness in blending retro and modern techniques. This video guide covers vintage hair styles, glamour makeup, posing for photography, sexy body language, and maintaining an optimistic spirit.

Short hair? Short bangs? Learn how to seamlessly incorporate features of your personal hair style into an authentic retro look.
Body shape concerns? First of all, get over it. (It''s all about CURVES and showing the cleavage to the camera, remember?) But, to be on the safe side, learn to trick the camera!. Bettina May and Go-Go Amy take you on a journey through a dynamic inventory of modeling tricks and flattering body angles used by movie stars and models in front of the camera since silent movie days.

So, go ahead, add sensual vintage flair to your everyday look or try an amazing pinup makeover for special occasions!

It's a great addition to the Vintage Hairstyling and Retro Make up books already on the market by Lauren Rennels. With this DVD you can truely be a Pinup or at least be yourself at your best :-)

November 23, 2011

A Goldie Christmas Carol

 Well, it's that time of the year again!

First photos from my latest Christmasshoot, thank you to Livia and Sara for the lovely day. you both did a wonderful job.

Credits :

Photography and outfit by Damona-Art
Model : Catawomb
MUA and hair : Death Bird


November 14, 2011

Style me Vintage, by Belinda Hay

Easy step-by-step techniques for creating 
Classic Hairstyles

Well it's almost that time of the year again where hubbies don't know what to give to their sweethearts. search no longer, I know this is the perfect gift for your lady :-)

This book is a step-by-step guide for achieving the most wanted looks, from a Brigitte Bardot Beehive to a Rita Hayworth curl.
This Lady knows what she's doing and keeps east end hipsters looking retro for a living. She owns a Salon in Shoreditch (UK) which calls "The Painted Lady".
From nails to Make-up, cutting to coloring.....her stylists are seriously skilled and the salon itself is pretty unique.

Vintage Hairstyling makes ladies feel like visiting a decadent parlour between the 20's and 50's, where lipstick and fancy curles became more and more a trend.
Wearing some light make-up during the day, introducing the new age of a lady who wants to look fancy and transforms into a glamorous lady with red lips, curly hair and a nice eveningdress to please her boy and to swing all night long with her long lasting hairstyle.

The techniques used for creating these hairstyles, once taken for granted, are now fading from modern girl's repertoires. Therefore this book is perfect to practice these hairstyles step-by-step to look as glamorous as the ladies back then.....

You can buy this book from amazon or I think Fnac shop schould have it too.
I just wish I lived in London :p


November 10, 2011

Ginger Rogers , Vintage Hollywood Icon



Virginia Katherine McMath was born on July 16, 1911 in Independence, Missouri. Her nickname, "Ginger," originated from her younger cousin Helen who pronounced "Virginia" as "Ginja." Family and friends continued to call her this, and later theatre men who understood the name to be "Ginger" billed her as such on their marquees.

Those who knew her as a little girl often said that Ginger could dance before she could walk. At the age of 10, she was appearing at local charity shows, celebrations and lodge meetings with her stepfather, "Daddy John," whose last name, Rogers, she eventually borrowed.

Going on tour at the age of 14, young Ginger won the Texas State Charleston Championship. Her prize was four weeks of appearances in four Texas cities on the Interstate Theatre Circuit. She chose two red-headed Charleston dancers, and billed the act "Ginger and the Redheads." The performances continued well beyond their four-week engagement when Junior Orpheum sent the trio on an extensive tour across the western United States.

When the show reached Chicago, a famous vaudeville act stole the redheaded dancers, and Ginger found herself doing a single for the Skouras Brothers at their Ambassador Theatre in St. Louis. She continued for 28 weeks, with a new act each week, using the Master of Ceremonies as her straight man.

When Paul Ash invited her to appear with his band at the Oriental Theatre, Ginger left St. Louis and traveled to Chicago. After performing for nearly four months with Ash, Paramount Publix lured her away to New York to perform at Broadway's Paramount Theatre. They also began preparing a stage show for Ginger to tour in at their theatres across the country. However, her routines with the Master of Ceremonies were so successful, she was held over for several weeks and the touring show went on without her. The Paramount Theatre subsequently brought Paul Ash and his band to New York and invited Ginger back to join them. 

Rogers would spend winters in Rancho Mirage and summers in Medford. She died in Rancho Mirage on April 25, 1995 of congestive heart failure at the age of 83. She was cremated and her ashes interred in the Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Chatsworth, California, with her mother's remains.

November 09, 2011

A Vanity's Dream

 If this isn't a nice thing to have, then nothing is.

I think little girls dream about this, but not only little girls hehe. this is the perfect Boudoir for a sophisticated Lady who adores the Vintage and Retro feeling. A woman who wants to look good, just needs this set!
Most of us do not give too much attention in dressing up our dressing areas not realizing that this area plays an important role in our daily routine. 

Before we start our day, this is the place where we spend a lot of time preparing ourselves for the day we will be looking forward to. For this reason alone, I think we should really plan on what to put in this area.

Vanity tables are usually customized to our choices. We may need one that has a lot of drawers where we could put our accessories, perfume, lotion, make-up and other things we use to make ourselves beautiful and looking good.
A nice Dressing table Brush/Mirror set is also a must.
So, ladies.......spoil yourselves and be a sophisticated Lady :-)

Dressing table Mirror/brush sets
just some examples of what you can find

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