October 05, 2011

Miss Tempest Storm

The Lady is a Vamp!

Known for her famous figure, named "The girl with the fabulous front", flamed hair beauty Tempest Storm. rose to the top of her profession mingling with the best of the stars and becoming a true legend in Burlesque history.

She is the longest performing burlesque artist in the world and one of the most famous Burlesque Queens of all time with the entire Burlesque world bent over in admiration of her work. Born in Georgia, tempest had dreams of Hollywood from an early age......if you want to know more about her and her life I suggest you buy an example of Milkcow magazine nr 26. there you can read all about her and her shows. 
If you want to catch her at all, you need to go to see her next year at The Tempest Storm Las vegas Burlesque cruise from New York to Bermuda. I think she's worth the journey :D


Now age 83

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