September 30, 2011

Hooded Hairdryer

Nuova Donatella

Oh yes, today I got my Hooded Hairdryer!! Yes yes yes :-)
Since I have to keep my rolls in all night and I guess in winter it will be too cold in my bedroom to dry, I decided to buy me this Hairdryer. It it IS really professional. It's used by hairdressers, so it must be good hehe. I'm looking forward to use it hehe.
I think a half an hour under the hood will be fine......I just have to try it.

Salon Dryer Nuova Donatella
Technical data:
  • 60 minutes timer switch ON/OFF.

  • EUROMATIC thermostat for temperature control until 55°.

  • Safety cut-out thermostat interrupts power supply in case of overheating.

  • EUROMATIC inox element for maximun temperature quickly.

  • One-phase EUROMATIC motor self-lubrificating, two speed: 1000/1500 revolutions.

  • Automatic air-control two positions: fast and slow.

  • EUROMATIC fan for a quickly drying time and opening visor.

  • The model "Junior" is manufactured in ABS plastic and equipped with Shuko plug and european components only for a better guarantee considering our 60 years’ experience and is made with E.E.C. and Electric International Standards.

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