September 30, 2011

Hooded Hairdryer

Nuova Donatella

Oh yes, today I got my Hooded Hairdryer!! Yes yes yes :-)
Since I have to keep my rolls in all night and I guess in winter it will be too cold in my bedroom to dry, I decided to buy me this Hairdryer. It it IS really professional. It's used by hairdressers, so it must be good hehe. I'm looking forward to use it hehe.
I think a half an hour under the hood will be fine......I just have to try it.

Salon Dryer Nuova Donatella
Technical data:
  • 60 minutes timer switch ON/OFF.

  • EUROMATIC thermostat for temperature control until 55°.

  • Safety cut-out thermostat interrupts power supply in case of overheating.

  • EUROMATIC inox element for maximun temperature quickly.

  • One-phase EUROMATIC motor self-lubrificating, two speed: 1000/1500 revolutions.

  • Automatic air-control two positions: fast and slow.

  • EUROMATIC fan for a quickly drying time and opening visor.

  • The model "Junior" is manufactured in ABS plastic and equipped with Shuko plug and european components only for a better guarantee considering our 60 years’ experience and is made with E.E.C. and Electric International Standards.

September 28, 2011

Sponge Rollers wet setting

Hi Darlings

Finally something about Vintage Hairstyling to write. I was also experimenting with Holga and film, untill it broke. But i will tell more about this in another message.

This post is really about using Rollers and it's effects ;-)

I used these

As you may know about me, I have a total fascination with retro/vintage and Rockabilly style, which includes hairstyles too.
Last week I bought 4 packs of large sponge rollers (6 each pack). They have clips on to lock them well and easely. Cause I have long hair and a lot, I guessed I needed enough rollers to hold.
I used to be a hairdresser of education so I have the background skills. I thought this can't be that hard to roll in, and it wasn't really. But it's important to know what size of rollers fit you and what result you want.
I wanted to have some bigger curls, so the diameter of the rolls is 30mm.

This is how it looks like on me

They are not that comfortable to sleep with actually. if you place these rollers well and you can find a nice spot in your pillow, the result is marvelous!
You do have to be carefull not to do this with really wet hair, otherwise it won't dry enough to curl and within 1 hour the curls will be gone.
Just wash the hair, it is very important to keep it damp, not wet. you can achieve the best result with that. I roll them in in about 10 minutes. You can use a blowdryer to speed up the process or best is to just leave the rollers in overnight.
you can get foam rollers at most grocery stores (I got mine at Kruidvat).

This picture was my inspiration (although my hair is a bit longer and I didn't really wanted to comb out the curls)

A glam hairstyle inspired by Old Hollywood typically consists of big, glossy curls. This was the signature look of female movie stars, such as Rita Hayworth, during the 1940's. Hollywood gram hair is still popular among modern women, who can create the style on their own. You may be surprised to learn that this hairstyle is a versatile one.

You can do this with Hot rollers too, which i can recommend a lot!
I must say that they stay really long!! just use some fixing mousse to hold the curls after the curls and it does. When you don't have a lot of time, this is perfect!

Recently I bought the Babyliss pro 3031 in an UK online shop. (this has an UK plug, but easely replacable) but it's much cheaper there, even with shipping costs and delivery was very fast, I still recommend this seller.
I found them in a shop in Leuven too, but it was twice that expensive!

These are the ones I bought

They heat up very quickly (about 10 minutes), it has 2 temperature settings. There are only 15 super clips with it, but there are 30 colour coded metal pins too which clamp in really well.
Though I did buy some more super clips of Conair, cause I really like working with them and they are about 2 inches wide that can firmly hold your hair in the curlers and the larger surface area will also help distribute and hold the heat of your hot rollers. These will fit small, medium and large rollers and can be used for your hot or cold rollers. The rollers stay in for about 1 hour with me and then I roll them out very gently. Make sure to unwind the rollers outwards as opposed to downwards, which will undo the curl. Use a bobby pin to loosely tuck the bangs or front-most section behind your ear so that it forms a wave.
it's my favorite rollers!!

you must pay attention to protect your hair very well for the heat of the rollers.
I use Chii Iron Guard protection spray.  it protects against styling and finishing damages from the hottest heat styling tools and your hair will remain silky and shiny. it provides superior heat protection from the inside out

I hope you enjoyed this article and take care of you hair ;-)

September 26, 2011

The french Tattooed model

Harley Davidson Club publishment

This french lady should be more featured I think, so I just wanted to tell you that she is published with the Harley Davidson Club in Cape Town (south Africa) now in September 2011.
We did a Hot Rod Pinup shoot last May and she did it wonderfully.
The car was used by Nostalgic cars, but you can read all about it here in my earlier post Hot rodz at Schellebelle

You can't by this magazine in Europe or elsewhere outside Africa.
Therefore I like to announce it here, so you can see it too.
The cover shot is also mine ;-)

If you like Tina Vonnekro, please visit her site too

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