August 21, 2011

Bonnie & Clyde


What a day that was haha, Friday I arranged a shoot as the well known Bonnie and Clyde back in 1930's. I had the perfect car and I had some good inspiration with old photos of the couple.

Ofcourse I found the perfect couple to work on this shoot with me ;-)
Props are everything to me, so I made sure I had as many as possible to make it all real looking : fake dollars, a big GUN, smaller guns, cigares, lighter, newspaper etc......
Even though harsh light and it got pretty warm, I managed to control the light with my small flashes (Strobist way). It was difficult and I soooo missed my studiolights, but hey....I did it :D
Shoot started around 3pm.

The preparations went very well and the elaboration too.
I worked with the marvelous model MissLiz Chérie and her cool husband Ludo Voodoo (Paris, France). The cars we used from Nostalgic Cars at schellebelle (BE) and I want to thank Alain and Marleen for their nice cooperation and cleaning up the cars for us hehe. My husband for the behind the scenes photos and help too.
We used a very special car for the Bonnie and Clyde set. A Hot Rod Ford from 1935 which was pimped in purple with yellow has 780 Pk! oh yeah!

Here you see my inspirational pics and 1 finished photo from Bonnie and Clyde.
More will come soon at my website.

From the movie

My first photos

 behind the scenes

More will be added in the following week on my website and FB:-)

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