July 06, 2011

No more Plastic fantastic

Well that was it, I just had my Holga 120 camera for about 2 weeks and it's already dead!! 

Luckely I didn't buy the Instant back (that would have costed me 100 euro extra) the shutter is stuck and I tried everything to unlock it. I have shot 22 photos with it, so i guess i have to take the film out and see if there is anything on it......it would be a shame if it was empty after all the effort I did ;-)

The more I try to shoot with film, the more it fails for me. I think it's a sign from heaven not to go into film again and stay digital :p
I have had about 5 cameras in the last 4 months and not 1 is working. so I give up. At least Polaroid is working for me now. That will be the only thing for me to do that is really vintage and which gives me a nice feeling when I have it with me.
My goodness, I grew up with polaroid, so that means I'm vintage too :p

So I was thinking.....why not buy a second DSLR body, a cheaper one and see what quality in photos that gives me in my shoots. Many people think that they have to buy expensive material for shooting high quality photos, but I think that's not really the case. the lens you use is more important. Ofcourse a Nikon D3s will not be the same as a Nikon D40x! don't get me wrong.

But photography is all about the skills and knowledge. So my secondhand camera will be a Nikon D5000 which I will use besides my Nikon D300 and ofcourse as a back up camera. Some years ago I started with a Canon 400D and it already gave me some amazing results, so I expect the same from Nikon.
I think eventually that it will be cheaper for me to just buy a new digital body instead of buying cams that don't work with me + I have to let develop the films too then.
Analog comes from another age and i don't know if it is still so fun to use it these days. it's getting really expensive when there is no dark room around. But yes Polaroid has also became expensive......but still, the results appear in about 10 minutes and i don't have to wait till the film is full and ofcourse the 'bzzzz' sounds really nice with the Pola ;-)

I'm looking forward to get to know my new cam. I want to create a band with it, cause that's a very important issue to have some atmosphere in the photos.....get to know your cam and try out all of the buttons, try to be friends with it and start trusting it.

Owkay, I will not get too emotional now hehe. it's just the fact that I am a bit dissapointed in film cameras and especially the plastic toy cameras (which the name says it). I swear with Polaroid that has a more solid feeling and I'm getting the hands on it every week. You can see al the photos at the "Alternate Mondays" page here at my blog.

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