July 04, 2011

Beach Pinup

Well hi you all ;-)

Last week it was time to do the Beach pinup shoot with the lovely Death Bird

We emailed some time before the shoot about the details and how we would arrange the whole shoot. so we decided to look for a nice private beach the day of the shoot itself. Ofcourse we had to make sure we didn't get to the nude beach at Bredene 'lol'. Never thought it was going to be that hot...the weather I mean.
I had quite a lot of stuff with me, so I used my shopping trolly to put all my things in it, but very hard to move over the sand though.
I've seached for a lot of props, like the radio, headphones, umbrella, picknick stuff etc.....ofcourse styling credits all go to Deathbird.

Once we got there, it wasn't that warm and there were still some clouds and a bit of wind which made it comfortable.
But after an hour of shooting the sun was really burning.
Time passed like a torpedo and at 5.30pm we quitted the shoot cause of sunburned skin.
Normally there would have been 2 outfits, but we lost control over the time too much where we realized that 'especially' I was to hot inside and was not feeling well anymore. It was very exhausting! but no worries, there are enough good photos left with the bikini.

In 2 weeks I have another shoot with deathbird and that will ROCK on wheels!
I won't give you any more hints right now :D

Here are the results from last sunday


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