June 13, 2011

Upcoming Publishments

Here are some publishments upcoming in the next 3 months :-)

I'm happy to inform you that I will be published in the "Book of Fame" of Belgium Digital 2011. 
You will find the following 2 pictures in it :

Model : Deathbird

Model : Vicky Lievens

If you don't know Belgium Digital, you can find them here : http://forum.belgiumdigital.com/
You can buy the book through the website and you will have the best photos that are published at BD from the last year.
It's an honour to be published besides so many good photographers!
Thanks guys!

Also Vicky Lievens and Tina Vonnekro will be published/featured with an interview with some photos of our shoot in Milkcow magazine.
Milkcow is the new magazine dedicated to the 1940s and 1950s Lifestyle and Culture in the UK. 

This is Tina

1 photo of Acid Doll will be published in the new Belgian Magazine "NINA" in an article about Belgian tattoo models.

Acid Doll will be featured in "Bella Morte magazine" too with the following picture

More photos are getting published soon in :
Pinup Perfection magazine nr 7
 rod & custom (FR)
The Pinup Angels (USA)
Total Tattoo Magazine (UK)
Secret magazine (BE)

I have to update myself I think hehe ;-)

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