June 16, 2011

Plastic Fantastic "Holga 120 / 135"

Let's meet my new Plastic Fantastic Toy camera.

Holga 120 GN

Today my Holga arrived and I must say that I was surprised of the plastic shape and feel of this new toy hehe. It is still solid build and nice to handle.
I bought the Holga 120GN with a separate flash and 35mm film back.
Cause I don't know if I will be able to develope my 120 film in a shop here somewhere in Belgium, maybe I should start doing it myself ;-)

Why did i buy the GN version?
Well for one reason only.....cause it has a glass lens and not plastic.
I read a lot of reviews on the net and most people tell that the plastic version really isn't that sharp. I know Holga is famous for plastic lenses, but I'm a sharpness freak and i know it would be annoying for me to look at unsharp photos. so to please myself I bought the glass lens.

Why did I buy one without internal flash?
Cause it's easier for me when the flash is broken to just buy a new flash instead of a new camera. Also many people say that the build in flash isn't that good with groups. the external flash would be much powerful.
Of course I need to experiment now with my new toy to see how it works and to share my experiences with you darlings.

Why have I chosen Holga and not Diana?
Cause I can add an instant back for 100 instant film from polaroid/fujifilm which i will get for my birthday in August, so i can go instant again ;-)
But I'm excited to use film for the moment and see what that gives me.
I have 12 packs of film to use 'lol'.
I immediately went in the studio today to take some shots of my Holga and pimped the plastic fantastic toy :D


More news soon.......first playing around a bit :p

On 05-07-2011
The camera is dead after 22 photos!
New message posted in my blog
No more Plastic fantastic

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