June 11, 2011

My first result "Victory rolls"

Hi all,

As you know I want to improve my Hairstyling skills to support the models a bit when needed in my Retro shoots and I like doing it too.
Today I managed to make some retro victory rolls on my new practicing head ;-)
It's not that easy, but luckely I studied hairdressing and still know the basic things hehe. I used Royal Crown hairdressing pomade on my hands to keep the hair together and rolled the hair around my fingers and pinned it with bobby pins.
I suppose it worked well.
Then I put together the back of the hair in a dot with some special hair scroo's, they are really some nice miracle workers to keep the hair together. It's actually an old Skool tool, so they do excist for a while now. not easy to find though and they are not that cheap. I found them at Kruidvat in a package of 2 pieces.

The Victory rolls where nicely explained in the new book I bought (Vintage Hairstyling) which you can read in my last post.
Tomorrow i will try another one hehe, so much fun to do!!
Here are the results of my first try........not bad huh?


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