June 05, 2011

1940 's snood is coming back again.

Something Retro in the 21th century

Recently I have decided to go into retro hairstyling to improve my skills and to give some extra impact to my Pinup photography.
So I bought the Vintage Hairstyling book, a practicing head and some other accessoiries which i will need to make the fabulous hairstyles,
Including the wonderful red Snood with flower from ebay.
Actually I studied Hairdressing, so it can't be that hard for me ;-)

Not every vintage hairstyle has to involve hours of curling & preening. Take inspiration from the 40s working girl with a snood right out of the filmstudios.
Snoods were a popular hair accessory in the 1940s and will disguise a multitude of style sins. Use the bow to tighten into place, secure with bobby pins and voila! Perfect for maintaining your vintage chic when your barnet has seen better days.
I bought the book in a small retroshop in Leuven, if you are interested in where it is, just ask me. It costs 35 euro.

 This is one of the hairstyles in the book I will try first.

I can't wait to create it!

Some more pics, so you have an idea of what you can expect

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  1. Thank you for the inspiration. I just found my red snood I bought years ago and a hair flower now I know how I'm styling my hair tomorrow :)


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