June 25, 2011

Vintage Hair

Yes, I'm still practicing my vintage Hairstyles
I have bought a second practicing head for shorter hair, cause that's a huge difference to work on and is experimental.

Here you can see some more hairstyles I have been working on
It's nice to be creative in this.

Veda Style : It is modelled after the spoiled daughter 
of Joan Crawford in the Academy Award winning movie Mildred Piece. 
No rat tail used, rolled by hand

This dramatic snood style is inspired by Betty Grable. 
Over her career she wore many silhouettes that pilled her hair on her head, especially in the movie Pin Up Girl and The Dolly Sisters.

Click photos to view larger
Don't use them without my permission please.

June 18, 2011

Pinup perfection magazine

Today the new Pinup perfection magazine issue 7 is out! and yes, you can find 1 full page photo of mine in it with the lovely Acid Doll featured as model and she's wearing clothing from the wonderful designer
"Love burlesque"

Minnie Valentine is not only "The Boys' Sweetheart" but she is also the Cover Contest winner from this issue! This lovely French model tells us all about how she got started and what is is currently up to. Rachel Gaw is here to tell us about her new jewelry line, and Voo Doo swing gets some help from a Pin Up Perfection favorite! And don't forget this is Kayleigh Dunne's "Agony Aunt" debut! She answers questions from our readers and gives advice about beauty, fashion, love and life. All this plus more pin ups then ever before! You don't wanna miss all this!

Don't wait and order your copy today ;-)
Thank you to Pin Up Perfection Magazine!! x

June 16, 2011

Plastic Fantastic "Holga 120 / 135"

Let's meet my new Plastic Fantastic Toy camera.

Holga 120 GN

Today my Holga arrived and I must say that I was surprised of the plastic shape and feel of this new toy hehe. It is still solid build and nice to handle.
I bought the Holga 120GN with a separate flash and 35mm film back.
Cause I don't know if I will be able to develope my 120 film in a shop here somewhere in Belgium, maybe I should start doing it myself ;-)

Why did i buy the GN version?
Well for one reason only.....cause it has a glass lens and not plastic.
I read a lot of reviews on the net and most people tell that the plastic version really isn't that sharp. I know Holga is famous for plastic lenses, but I'm a sharpness freak and i know it would be annoying for me to look at unsharp photos. so to please myself I bought the glass lens.

Why did I buy one without internal flash?
Cause it's easier for me when the flash is broken to just buy a new flash instead of a new camera. Also many people say that the build in flash isn't that good with groups. the external flash would be much powerful.
Of course I need to experiment now with my new toy to see how it works and to share my experiences with you darlings.

Why have I chosen Holga and not Diana?
Cause I can add an instant back for 100 instant film from polaroid/fujifilm which i will get for my birthday in August, so i can go instant again ;-)
But I'm excited to use film for the moment and see what that gives me.
I have 12 packs of film to use 'lol'.
I immediately went in the studio today to take some shots of my Holga and pimped the plastic fantastic toy :D


More news soon.......first playing around a bit :p

On 05-07-2011
The camera is dead after 22 photos!
New message posted in my blog
No more Plastic fantastic

June 14, 2011

Cheeky Cherry stamps

Oh look at that!

Get cheeky with these cute and flirty characters. Pin-up inspired and perfect for scrapbooking, cardmaking, and crafts. 
I sooooo LOVE them all ;-)
Cheeky beach

Cheeky Chat

Cheeky beauty

Cheeky mate

Cheeky nurse

Cheeky Rockabilly
Cheeky Howdy
You can find them at "The Greeting Farm". 

June 13, 2011

Upcoming Publishments

Here are some publishments upcoming in the next 3 months :-)

I'm happy to inform you that I will be published in the "Book of Fame" of Belgium Digital 2011. 
You will find the following 2 pictures in it :

Model : Deathbird

Model : Vicky Lievens

If you don't know Belgium Digital, you can find them here : http://forum.belgiumdigital.com/
You can buy the book through the website and you will have the best photos that are published at BD from the last year.
It's an honour to be published besides so many good photographers!
Thanks guys!

Also Vicky Lievens and Tina Vonnekro will be published/featured with an interview with some photos of our shoot in Milkcow magazine.
Milkcow is the new magazine dedicated to the 1940s and 1950s Lifestyle and Culture in the UK. 

This is Tina

1 photo of Acid Doll will be published in the new Belgian Magazine "NINA" in an article about Belgian tattoo models.

Acid Doll will be featured in "Bella Morte magazine" too with the following picture

More photos are getting published soon in :
Pinup Perfection magazine nr 7
 rod & custom (FR)
The Pinup Angels (USA)
Total Tattoo Magazine (UK)
Secret magazine (BE)

I have to update myself I think hehe ;-)

June 11, 2011

My first result "Victory rolls"

Hi all,

As you know I want to improve my Hairstyling skills to support the models a bit when needed in my Retro shoots and I like doing it too.
Today I managed to make some retro victory rolls on my new practicing head ;-)
It's not that easy, but luckely I studied hairdressing and still know the basic things hehe. I used Royal Crown hairdressing pomade on my hands to keep the hair together and rolled the hair around my fingers and pinned it with bobby pins.
I suppose it worked well.
Then I put together the back of the hair in a dot with some special hair scroo's, they are really some nice miracle workers to keep the hair together. It's actually an old Skool tool, so they do excist for a while now. not easy to find though and they are not that cheap. I found them at Kruidvat in a package of 2 pieces.

The Victory rolls where nicely explained in the new book I bought (Vintage Hairstyling) which you can read in my last post.
Tomorrow i will try another one hehe, so much fun to do!!
Here are the results of my first try........not bad huh?

June 05, 2011

1940 's snood is coming back again.

Something Retro in the 21th century

Recently I have decided to go into retro hairstyling to improve my skills and to give some extra impact to my Pinup photography.
So I bought the Vintage Hairstyling book, a practicing head and some other accessoiries which i will need to make the fabulous hairstyles,
Including the wonderful red Snood with flower from ebay.
Actually I studied Hairdressing, so it can't be that hard for me ;-)

Not every vintage hairstyle has to involve hours of curling & preening. Take inspiration from the 40s working girl with a snood right out of the filmstudios.
Snoods were a popular hair accessory in the 1940s and will disguise a multitude of style sins. Use the bow to tighten into place, secure with bobby pins and voila! Perfect for maintaining your vintage chic when your barnet has seen better days.
I bought the book in a small retroshop in Leuven, if you are interested in where it is, just ask me. It costs 35 euro.

 This is one of the hairstyles in the book I will try first.

I can't wait to create it!

Some more pics, so you have an idea of what you can expect

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