May 11, 2011

Hot Rodz at Schellebelle

Well well, it has been a while since I wrote something here ;-)
In the meanwhile I have a lot to tell you hehe..

Last sunday, on mothersday actually I organized a Hot Rodz shoot with the lovely Claire Tina Vonnekro. Some weeks before the shoot I was searching for the right place to do that, so i came across Nostalgic Cars at Schellebelle/Wichelen. It's a wonderful company where they have a lot of oldtimers. It's actually unique in Belgium!
They offer cars from the 20's to the 70's and have more than 50 cars in their depot.

And that's not all : they do have a lot of Props too, from Elvis, marilyn Monroe to Alien stuff, country decors, Halloweenstuff, Pirates, Retro Garage material etc.......more than 2000 props for themeshoots OR party's etc.

They also sell dogs and are really passionate about it. They even have cute little puppies (chinese crested) Dutch : Chinese naakthondjes. Also dackels, a dalmatien and others species.
I have taken some shots with them and they will come online soon.

On May 8 we had some beautiful weather with 29°c, blue sky....some clouds, a bit windy. just marvelous!
Claire is actually from Paris (France) and just arrived in Belgium again with her boyfriend (Manu) after visiting Los angeles and Las vegas. So you can imagine that they were still in the US with their minds haha. that was a good thing for me, cause I needed the american atmosphere to have the perfect shoot.
The car we rented was a Green/White Buick from the 50's. It was amazing to experience that with the window a bit open, we even had no seatbelts en I had to grab me at a cord on the seat when we went around a corner, people looking at us, some cool people in the car laughing around and pretty loud engine of the car itself. Claire had several outfits with her and some amazing flaming shoes. She did all the make up + her hair (which was colored in Los angeles the week before).
Her boyfriend assisted her in any way he could. nice to see ;-)
He also took some shots of behind the scenes with his pimped Nikon camera :D

My husband also came with me for taking some pictures of behind the scenes, but especially for taking some pictures of the other cars on the property of Nostalgic cars. You can visit his photostream here : Mørk Skygge

First we started with renting the car (Claire picked the color) haha. The Golden swimsuit was perfect with the car. The owner drove us to a countryroad, so we could take the pictures as we were like in LA with the blue sky :D
Claire was very professional, cause her shoes were different in size (she had 1 size 8 and 1 size 10), you can not see it on the pictures that this was actually a problem. and we had some great fun. I even had to push her at her bud several times to have the shots I wanted 'lol'.
Manu and Mork were sitting together in the shadow in the meanwhile and watched Claire and I shooting.
After that we went to the Cardepot again and started shooting in the garage. where I took a supershot (as I call it sometimes). yes, we were a very good team again, even when we didn't speak the same language. Claire is French and i speak dutch, so we started to speak english in our own way haha.
So far still taking pictures at Strobist way. not ideal, but practical.

There was even a real James Dean car in the garage which is actually for sale!
But is was too dusty to use for our shoot and not ideal in composition. The car is having a facelift at the moment.
Then we went to the Drive in/Diner in 50's style. Then I started using my studiolights with 1 softbox. cause it was really small in there and dark. So 300 Watt is enough to get enough light. 
After the Diner we went upstairs to shoot some more. But I forgot to mention that we got some refereshing drinks from the owner in the meanwhile. a very nice man, I almost died of thirst hihiiiiii. So Hot it was!

I think Claire changed outfits about 3 times and 3 pair of shoes. It was a nice experience, we had some great fun and i'm glad i got to meet Claire and Manu. 
As i'm planning some more Hot Rod shoots with this company, you may expect some more of these shots this summer. 

Thank you to Claire, Manu, Mork and the owner for having a wonderful day, it felt like being in a family!!! :D
Big Hug!

Manu : Hell manouche 
Car :

All photos are copyrighted, so don't use them without my permission please!

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More will some soon........


  1. The shoes, the hair! <3 And lovely post-processing, especially on the first one.

  2. Dat haar... die kleur....
    Supermooie foto's weer, en ow ja.... die auto.....

  3. helemaal in love....zo zien we het graag!!!!Lady Damona Rules!!!!!!


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