May 28, 2011

Aviation Sweetheart

Well well, that was a nice experience again ;-)

Last sunday I arranged another retro/Pinup shoot with Vicky Lievens this time and ofcourse the lovely Deathbird as MUA. The theme was Military 40's with a nice plane. So I looked for a location and found the perfect one. The Stampe en Vertongen museum in Deurne (BE).
The preparation went very well, checking all my material the day before....ok everything is working ;-)

We met at the trainstation in Berchem and then drove by car to the museum. It was very windy that day 'lol'.
I could park my car nicely at the museum and very soon Eddy came along to ask us if we were the photographers Team. Yes we are, we said with a big smile :p
He told us to get our stuff out of the car and then we had to pass security first before we could get in. ok, no problem.
My husband (Mork Skygge) was with me too and carried some things for me too hehe. He will take care of some behind the scenes shots too.

Frank joined us and they brought us to the security office to give us some badges....and no, no VIP, but only visitor :p
In the security room we had to go through the scanner. all of our material and us too. So we did that one by one. When stepping through the portal of the scanner the beep went off ofcourse. Removing some things and still......yes it beeps again.
It seems that there is a certain beep that tells the security they have to do a full body search, so that beep went of then. 'lol'. with all of us :D
Deathbird had ofcourse a lot of work with removing her shoes, cause of the steel tips in there. haha....actually it's forbidden to carry those shoes on the airport, but we didn't know that. But ok, everyone has been searched through well, so now we could get in.

Once we got in we could leave our material in a corner and start to prepare the model for the shoot. in the meanwhile I could talk to Frank and Eddy (very nice people) and ask about how we would do that with the plane bringing outside. Cause it was very windy, and the plane wasn't really a heavy weight, so it became a problem.
But yes, the director decided that we could go outside, but we had to be careful not to fly away with the plane cause of the heavy wind 'lol'.
I could ask anything to Frank and Eddy, so thank you both for that! You were soooo nice ;-)
Deathbird did a wonderful job with the make up and hair again within time, so thank you girl!! x

Frank and Eddy placed the plane outside in the wind and made it steady with weights around the wheels, it was a double winged plane SV.4B from the Belgium airforce. We went outside and shooted for about 1 1/2 hour and that was enough. difficult weather with a lot of clouds and then some sun again and very very very windy, but it went very well and cause of that wind, the photos became more alive.
The lovely men even brought us a step up for vicky to go inside of the plane hiiii.

Ok, after that the plane was safe inside again. Luckely!
Vicky changed her outfit, Livia freshed up the make up and then we did round 2 with the red Fouga Magister.
Around 5pm we were finshed shooting and it was a nice shooting and had a lot of fun.

So that was about it. I want to thank everyone for their contribution and for the permission we got from the director of the airfield. 
Here you can see some shots.....soon there will be some behind the scenes photos too. they will be showed in a slideshow I will make next week.


Photography :
Model : Vicky Lievens : Website
MUA: Deathbird (Livia) : Website
Location : Stampe en Vertongen museum : Website
Behind the scenes shots : Mörk Skygge : Website

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  1. Hey sweaty all are nice pictures.

  2. Hey Dear. Really sweet photos of you with Airplane.

    Thanks for your photoshoot.


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