March 10, 2011

Lensbaby Composer accessoires + examples

Yes yes yes!!! Today my accessoires arrived for my Lensbaby Composer. i'm so happy to tell you that I will shoot regulary again with that peace of toy hehe :-)
You can combine some stuff at the lensbaby which gives some cool effects. Like you can use the plastic Optic together with the macro or wide angle lens. Or you can stack both macro lenses together so you can go to a distance of 3 to 5 cm from you object, which is pretty close. it's really hard to keep sharpness when you use 2.8 or even without ring you can shoot at f2. but sharpness is really tight then for macro.
I will place some photos beneath so you can see what it all can do. I just haven't used the telephoto lens yet.
Click photos to see larger.

So I use the Lensbaby Composer

Mostly with Double Glass Optic

Since today I have a Plastic Optic (for Ethereal look)

I also have the Macro Kit

And the wide angle/telephoto : 0.6 and 1.6

Some examples :

Composer double Glass Optic with Macro +10

Composer double Glass Optic with Macro +4

Composer Plastic Optic and Macro +4 and +10 stagged together

Composer Plastic Optic and Wide Angle 0.6

Composer only with double Glass


Comparisation with Wide angle

Have fun :-)


  1. Idd cool. Moeten we ook eens proberen.
    Morgen mijn setje van studiolights halen

  2. en Stevie, heb je je setje gehaald?
    Al shotjes gemaakt? ;-)


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