February 15, 2011

Playing with Polaroid

Well, it's time for Polaroid again :-)

Today I made some shots with 2 cameras to test out the Impossible project film.
It seems they are not quite as they used to be, I hope that will better soon.
I have troubles with the light and maybe I'm too focused on sharpness, cause I don't find them very sharp. But hey, maybe that's the point of that whole Polaroid thing.

I put the film and cam describtion with the photos, so you see what I've used to get to that result. I'm still fond of the old Polaroid films which i use with my Pola Spectra, I have the feeling they were sooooo much better, but it's hard to find them. I feel creative when I make a Polaroid, cause you never know what the result will be.
As I mentioned before, you have to protect them from light as soon as they come out of the cam and put them upside down for about 3 minutes. and then.....BIG surprise :D

You can order films at The Impossible Website in Enschede which is in use again.

Polaroid announces that it will withdraw from analog instant film product 

June :
Forian Kaps meets André Bosman at the closing event of the Polaroid factory in Enschede, The Netherlands. They decide not to accept the extinction of analog instant photography but to start The Impossible Project. 

October :
The Impossible Project takes off, having bought the production machinery from Polaroid and leased Building North of the former Polaroid plant. 

October :
To mark Impossible's first birthday the giant production machines were fired up again, being fed with a selection of vintage and re-developed materials. 

December :
Impossible presenst the last original, carefully saved Polaroid film - repackaged in a limited Special Edition designed by Paul Giambarba, who created the iconic look of Polaroid from 1958 to 1977

March :
Impossible presents its first, new instant film: PX 100 and PX 600 Silver Shade. 

July :
The First Flush Edition of the PX 70 Color Shade film is launched - the beginning of a colorful analog future. 

December :
Opening of a Project Space in Tokyo (Japan) – Impossible’s new Asian home base.

Here are my shots from today :

Cause of the silver reflection of the umbrella,
the photo is colored differently

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