February 13, 2011

Pin up Valentine shoot

Something to cherish.

Last week I organized a Valentine shoot with the Lovely Sharon.
We met us on the 6th of February, so i had to finish the photos within 1 week.
She wasn't used to pose as a retro/pin up model, but she did it very well! I'm so proud to have the results I wanted. Ofcourse we also had a wonderful Make up artist, one of the models I regulary work with Deathbird.
We had lots of fun and we were all packed up in the studio, cause it isn't that big hehe :D

A week before the shoot I bought a lovely pink backgroundpaper for my studio and I knew it would fit perfectly with the outfit.
The Corset Sharon was wearing was from the great designer again "Love burlesque".
I love her creations and it really is eyecatching :-)

For the first time I used my flashmeter and that was a relief, the light came out perfectly into my cam, so i have the feeling that I have gone up to the next level in my photography. the one I know that the results will come out fine, I never knew that before with strobism hehe.
I don't have to worry about the strenght of the light anymore or rely on my intern flashmeter of my D300 as long as i know in my head what I want as a result and achief that thought with my external flashmeter.
But still, the position of the light is most important. it's the basis of the photo! That will depend wether the photo will have the effect to stand out!

All credits go to :
SharonB  http:/​/​www.​modelmayhem.​com/​1125283
Deathbird  http:/​/​www.​modelmayhem.​com/​1947934
Designer http:/​/​www.​loveburlesque.​com/​
Photographer (me) http://www.damona-art.com/

Here are the results of the shoot, you can see more at my website.

Happy Valentine to you all! X

Please remember, these photos are also copyrighted within the exif files for safety reasons. 
Do not use them without my permission.

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